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Bushpig 10-25-2020 04:57 PM

WTB: BX Meter with iLok licence

Looking for an iLok licence for Brainworx BX Meter.

I believe when this plug first came along (about 2011), Brainworx were still using iLok, so I've heard mention there was an iLok licence for this, but I've never heard from anyone who actually had/has one.



Steve Bush

Sardi 10-26-2020 07:15 AM

Re: WTB: BX Meter with iLok licence
Is there a reason why you specifically require the license to be iLok based?

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Bushpig 10-26-2020 07:42 AM

Re: WTB: BX Meter with iLok licence
Hey Sardi,

Only because in my opinion, and in my own literal situation, iLok licencing is the most elegant and straight forward. I have 3 systems of my own I move between, and having 3 identical sets of the vast collection of plugs and auths I use daily, is realistically impossibly expensive.

Instead we all potentially have this hotch-potch of licencing systems that don't physically move. Take blimin' Spectrasonics for instance. I really love their VI's and own them all, but at one point for each of my machines, I had to "phone home" to get a response key to secure permission to use my VI's, which I now have to keep in a database and implement by hand when I just would vastly prefer to simply take my system drive and iLok over. Much more professional and slick.

And heaven forbid if I travel to a 3rd party studio (which I do a reasonable amount) and don't have my licences on an iLok or other stick based physical instantiation. I get to the session and can easily spend most of the first day or even longer, trying to get my ProTools environment running as per usual (please Mr Spectrasonics, may I please use my bought up and paid for software on another machine please. Cue: wait for 24 hours to get a code).

Or sometimes I work in remote locations, so internet is not an option. What then? It's a flippin' nightmare.

Am I the only one who thinks like this? I really appreciate the question BTW, and I'd be very interested to know how you approach your own licencing management situation.


Steve Bush

Top Jimmy 10-26-2020 02:22 PM

Re: WTB: BX Meter with iLok licence
Not that you want to be carrying more dongles, but Plugin Alliance lets you put their authorizations on a thumb drive which you can carry around and plug in just like an iLok.

Bushpig 10-26-2020 03:23 PM

Re: WTB: BX Meter with iLok licence
Hey James,

Yeah, I know Brainworx have the stick method, and I definitely wouldn't single them out at all, it's just that this thread happens to have started with me looking for one of their older licences from when they did do iLok (still running my old TDM systems anyway, so can use older versions of their plugs), and I wanted to use Spectrasonics as an extreme example.

And yes, I'd definitely prefer not to have another dongle to carry/break/lose.

It's a real love hate thing with iLok. I love it, but there's lots of vendors who don't use iLok, and to be honest I have decided against buying their products in the past, so in some cases like mine, it IS affecting sales. The example I was going to point out is Fab Filter.


That thread is almost exactly 50/50 split between lovers and haters. I'd side with the professional guys who have to change post production seats all the time, and don't need the hassle that non iLok licences can cause.

Cheers for the comments. Most welcome.


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