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LelioP 11-27-2020 03:17 PM

Artist Mix not connecting
My Artist Mix refuses to show up on EuControl.

What I tried so far:
- Reinstall Eucontrol to same version
- Reinstall to a previous version
- Update to latest version
- Use DHCP
- Use static IP address on same field (169.254.235.xx) and same subnet mask
- Use different cat cable: currently cat5, tried cat7

Eucontrol version is 2020.11.0.187; on my 2008 MacBook Pro the Artist Mix was recognised by the system (rectangles) as soon I turned it on, version

Any way to check Artist Mix Firmware?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

LelioP 11-28-2020 10:24 AM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting

- set firewall to off
- Checked EuControl in Accessibility

EddieJones 11-29-2020 10:20 AM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting
Those IP addresses are not static they are self-assigned. Did you change them in the Mix or is the Mix set to DHCP? Make sure the Mix and the Ethernet adapter are both set to DHCP. Its not a firmware issue.

LelioP 11-29-2020 05:14 PM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting
Thanks for your reply.

I am connecting my Artist Mix directly to the Mac Mini via Ethernet cable.

I tried setting DHCP on both Artist Mix and Network Prefs; also tried setting a static IP to no avail.

Setting everything on DHCP, Network Prefs shows a self assigned IP address that uses same (correct) fields and (correct) Subnet Mask as on the Artist Mix.

Do I have to power cycle everything after setting everything to DHCP?

EddieJones 11-29-2020 09:09 PM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting
You always have to power cycle when changing network settings (for most equipment not just EUCON) Have you tried a different cable? Try disabling any other network adapters including WiFi.

LelioP 12-01-2020 06:50 PM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting
I am connecting direct to the computer via Ethernet cable.

Tried a different cable - nothing (no rectangles, just AVID logos)

Tried (again) setting both Artist and Network to DHCP - nothing

Tried (again) setting a static IP, following the guide on AVID support page - nothing

Always power cycling computer, Artist Mix and EuCon.

Seems to me the unit is not receiving the correct IP from Ethernet, pushing page up and down together to check the IP address shows different fields tha the Network Prefs. (eg Artist Mix:; Network Prefs, set to DHCP: Subnet mask is the same)

Is there some rep in Italy I can talk to?

EddieJones 12-01-2020 07:29 PM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting
Those 2 IP addresses are OK and should work. Have you tried to uninstall (using the installer) and also checked the remove all prefs option.

LelioP 12-02-2020 01:36 PM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting
Tried uninstalling with remove prefs checked and reinstalled EuCon 2020.11.0.187, rebooted, nothing.

On my old 2008 MacBook Pro running ElCapitan 10.11.6 with EuCon the Artist Mix gets rectangles as soon as I start Eucon.

It gets recognised as McMix in the EuControl settings window.

EddieJones 12-02-2020 02:21 PM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting
Can you check the Mac Prefs for Accessibility and make sure MCClient and EuControl are enabled in there.

LelioP 12-02-2020 03:17 PM

Re: Artist Mix not connecting
Checked - They are both enabled.

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