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taiazeez 10-13-2005 06:40 AM

upgrade from 96i/o to 192 i/o
Can someone at digi please explain why there is no upgrade path from a 96i/o to 192 i/o I am now ready to move up to 192 recording but was amazed that there is no upgrade path. I mean there is still for an 888/24 so are you saying i would be better off buying an 888/24 used then upgrade to 192 as this would be cheaper than a new 192. Please can you let me know how i can upgrade to a 192 without having to sell my 96 i/o first as this would make my system redundant for a period of time.

Also anyone who wnats to have an upgrade path from 96 i/o to 192 i/o please reply here if we reach a high number perhaps digi will notice.


taiazeez 10-18-2005 10:35 AM

Re: upgrade from 96i/o to 192 i/o
Seriously doesnt any owner of a 96i/o ever want to upgrade to 192 at all. in which case then digi can do a one off for me then ,so DigiCS is it possible to upgrade my 96i/o to a 192 i cant quite believe that every other schmoo interface can be updated but not the 96i/o cmon digi where is the customer service here especially as there are other options i would have thought you would want to keep existing customers on board or dont you. we all know in a year from now digi accelcore card is coming cause you guys are pretty predictable on the ol update front. perhaps you dont want me bucks then eh!!!

ProdInfo 10-18-2005 05:26 PM

Re: upgrade from 96i/o to 192 i/o
The hardware exchange program is designed to facilitate the desire to transition from legacy systems to the most current system. Currently we do not offer HD interface to HD interface exchanges.



taiazeez 10-19-2005 03:58 AM

Re: upgrade from 96i/o to 192 i/o
So the options for me are
1. Wait until 96i/o is replaced with a newer interface
2. Hope that some one in digi finance wakes up to the fact that if you get all the 96i/o guys to upgrade then you can get more mix users to HD by doing a Cheaper 96i/o refurb upgrades (LIKE YOU USED TO DO) that would be an incentive for mix users if they can save a bit on the interface. Then you get more HD users who can eventually go to ACCEL. You see the problem is mix users can simply stay on mix for another 2 years and even more. What digi needs to do is to offer an even bigger incentive to move to HD.

Still it doesnt make any sense to me that HD is pretty much dead end until you get anoter snazzy card to come along yes i know you can buy accel cards but interfacewise its a no show i am pretty sure if you have an upgrade path you'll get many takers. The spin off is that you can also do another promo to get mix users otherwise that is a potential customer base you could lose and hey that is a real possiblity especially with the other alternatives out there a lot of mix user will bleed their system dry and then drop of the digi scale i know quite a few mix users who are refusing to upgrade because of the extra expense of the interface. I mean secondhand mix cards are now about £700.00 888 interface are now £400, a new HD1 core hmmmm £5000+ and the interface £1500+ 96i/o £2200+ for 192 all rough estimates of course. These guys flogging mix's all over the place are not upgrading are they, so digi is reducing their customer base by not offering these guys better incentives to stay.

BTW what is the recruitment number so I can apply to digi sales and show them how to get more users on HD

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