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DigiTechSupt 04-05-2005 09:30 AM

MIDI Patch Names - From TDM Mac Forum
For information on using MIDI Patch Name files in Pro Tools, please read this document first:

Pro Tools and MIDI Patch Names

There are 2 things that you will need to get a MIDI patch names file to work properly in Pro Tools - the patch name file itself (.midnam) and a MIDI Device file that includes information on the device itself (.middev).

Once you have the MIDI patch name file, place it somewhere in the following folder:

MacHD>Library>Audio>MIDI Patch Names>

You can place it in the proper manufacturers folder inside the Digidesign folder located there or you can create a new folder - it won't matter which as long as it's in the MIDI Patch names folder it should work properly.

Next, you will need to edit a MIDI Devices file to include information on the device itself. The easiest way is to copy and paste the data for a similar device within the current MIDI Devices file. This file is located at:

MacHD>Library>Audio>MIDI Devices>Digidesign Device List.middev

You can edit any .middev file located in this folder - you do not have to use the Digidesign file.

If you open the .middev file with TextEdit, you will see a list of MIDI devices. Simply copy and paste the definition for one device, then edit the name of the copied section so that it reflects the EXACT name of your MIDI patch name file.

Here is an example:

<MIDIDeviceType Manufacturer="Access"





<DeviceID Min="1" Max="16" Default="1" Base="1" />

<Receives MaxChannels="16"


Clock="false" />

<Transmits MaxChannels="0"


Clock="true" />


<!-- ADA -->

<MIDIDeviceType Manufacturer="ADA"





<DeviceID Min="1" Max="16" Default="1" Base="1" />

<Receives MaxChannels="1"


Clock="false" />


The above section is from the Digidesign Device List.middev file and shows 2 devices - the Access Virus and the ADA MP-1. Each device is enclosed by the definition tags <MIDIDeviceType> and </MIDIDeviceType> (notice the forward slash in the second, closing tag.

You must copy and paste the text between and including those tags, then change the Manufacturer and Model to reflect the manufacturer and model of the midi device .midnam file you want to use. The manufacturer and model must be EXACTLY the same as what's used in the .midnam file. By copying and pasting the definition for a device that is similar to the device you're using - for instance, using the Roland JV-1080 definition for a JV-2080 - you will assure that at least most of the parameters will be set correctly in the definition.

Once you've copied, pasted and altered the mfr/model, save the .middev document. You should now be able to use the patch name file properly in Pro Tools.

sharp11 04-12-2005 11:39 AM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro Tools
I still can't get any of the Motu patch names to work, I've followed these instructions to a tee, I've even copied and pasted all the Digi info in lieu of Motu's and still nothing.

Worse yet, not even the Digi patch names seem to work.

Also, patch names that used to work have stopped working through various upgrades; I.E., the Triton Rack.

This should be transparent and simple to the end user, the way it is now is just a major pain; I hope it's fixed in the next major upgrade.


jepmus 04-13-2005 07:53 AM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro Tools
I have to agree with Ed. I've tried, several times, to get patch lists [including MOTU patch lists into ProTools]. Granted, I'm no programmer, but, I've yet to achieve success. I've called Digi Tech Support a few times regarding the issue, and have been directed to various documents available on the Digi website and elsewhere on the web. Long story short ... the workaround hardly seems clear and easy. Evidently, there aren't enough people making noise about this, for if there were, Digi would have rectified the situation by now. As a program touting advanced midi capabilities, ProTools should include more patchlists [for internal banks/expansion boards], and provide an easy method of import/conversion.

randyT 04-13-2005 08:31 AM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro T
I've been able to get my motif es and dx7II patch names to work. I must admit that the instructions in this thread were more of a confussion factor than a help. Are you guys using USB interface or regular midi cables?

One thing not mentioned in these instructions is that even after you have the .midinam file perfect you still have to draw a connection line in the Audio Midi setup from the midi device (keyboard) to the midi interface (002R). I had to do this to get my DX7 to work after going to the new Mac OS. If this is not done everything will work except the patchnames so it makes you think the midi setup is ok when it is not. The midi device file was already there for this unit.

For my motif, the usb driver installation set everything up and all I had to do was get the manufacturer and model number corrected in the .midnam file (downloaded from digicake.com) to match exactly what was put in the audio midi setup by the driver installation program. They did not match ( of course). I never changed anything else in the .midnam file or added any midi device file. Maybe because the motif is both a midi device and a midi interface or maybe because it uses USB. Not sure which.

After getting the patch names loaded PT started crashing when opening a second default program change window. You need 6.7cs2 at a minimum to fix this problem.

I was able to find all of the info I needed to get the patch names to work however the info is spread out all over the place and not very easy to understand.

hope this helps you guys get it working...

DigiTechSupt 04-13-2005 08:45 AM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro T
Can you explain what, exactly, is happening when you attempt to use a MOTU patch name file in Pro Tools? What steps are you taking to enable them?

After downloading the MOTU patch names, you should have a folder called "MOTU" - inside that folder are 'midnam' and 'middev' files. To enable a particular patch name document in Pro Tools, place the device or manufacturers 'middev' file in MacHD>Library>Audio>Midi Devices. Then place the 'midnam' file in MacHD>Library>Audio>Midi Patch names folder for the same device.

As an example, let's take the ART Multiverb Alpha 2.0. In the MOTU folder is a folder name 'ART' - inside that folder is the ART.middev file. Put that file in the Midi Devices folder, then take the rest of the folder, which contains the Multiverb Alpha 2.0.midnam file and put that into the Midi Patch Names folder. You should now be able to use that patch name document in Pro Tools.

The instructions given in the first post are ONLY used if you have ONLY the patch name document, but no 'middev' file. If you have both, as in the ART case above, there is no need to alter a middev file to indicate the new device that you have the patch name for.

Keep in mind that the MOTU folder has some 'middev' files, but no patch name documents for those devices, which could possibly cause a bit of confusion.

sharp11 04-14-2005 08:31 AM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro T
Hi Digi,

No need to download the patchnames, they're included on the DP installer.

All the patchnames are in their proper folders, the AMS has all devices enabled and patch cords connect, yet nothing works in terms of PT (although they all come up fine in DP 4.1).

I've even moved the Motu folders containing the midi device and patchname files to within the Digi folders and nothing, nada.

For example, I took the korg triton rack device and patchname files out of the motu folder and put them in the digi folders, alas, nothing.

Again, the Korg Triton rack patchnames did work at one time, I believe it was during PT 6.2 era.


jptrivers 04-14-2005 12:13 PM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro T
Does the treatise you mentioned entitled "ProTools and MIDI Patch Names" - specifically: "Creating Custom MIDI Patch Name Files" apply to Roland JV-series Expansion cards?

I want to make sure before I begin the process of hand-typing all 751 patches from our three Expansion Cards...

(I'm sure there are thousands and thousands of patch names out there from other companies, but I thought that's why we spent thousands and thousands of dollars buying the ProTools HD system from DigiDesign - so their programmers could tackle this - not us...)

Thank you for your time

cmaynes 04-18-2005 04:40 PM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro T
Having gone throught the motu/digi ringer a few times I will tell what I know- The syntax in the midi patch files is different between the two- Infact, the syntax between the patch files between PT 6.4 and 6.7 is different as well. If you take the Yamaha DX7II file and open the motu version and the digi version this will be quite clear. The only way I have been able to manage is to copy the name info from the motu document into the digi document.

charles maynes

jepmus 04-19-2005 07:35 AM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro T
Hi Charles,
Since you mentioned that you've been through this particular 'ringer', would you have a relatively concise, step-by-step, approach for converting MOTU patchlists to Digi patchlists, that you would be willing to impart?

Philthy 04-24-2005 04:16 PM

Re: Using 3rd Party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro T
It took me 16 hours of the most frustrating work imaginable to get device files working for all the synths in my studio. If I was not already familiar with HTML I don't think I could ever have possibly done it.

It's supposed to be a standard but once I started going back and forth between the MOTU and the Digi MIDNAM files I immediately saw that there was a very different style of formatting from each company, and of course, they are not cross-platform as they should be.

I have no idea if either company is actually sticking to the "standard" but I do know that MOTU includes WAY more MIDNAM files with their software, and I know that PRoTools is incredibly unforgiving as to how the MIDNAM files are formatted, and incredibly inexact when providing feedback about errors.

In my opinion this is a fiasco on the part of the music gear industry and I am amazed that they're foisting it off on the consumer.

The synth manufacturers are equally at blame here. I can't understand their failure to provide MIDNAM files in light of new competition from soft-synths.

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