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tim.huggiers 08-15-2017 04:41 PM

Hello guys I am all new to this. I hope I can get the help I want.
I am a very beginner user of pro tools I currently have no speakers or Headphones, that is why I am here; I ask you guys to help me find the best speakers maximum 300$CAD online. I dont dislike headsets but I do prefere working with no heavy weight on my head. I do edm music psychedelic music too.
Maybe one of 2 of you can maybe suggests me something.
[emoji4] thank you

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YYR123 08-15-2017 04:44 PM

These for me are on a real shortlist of under $300 speaker pairs.

Great lows out of a 5" enclosure

I actually have the port holes in mine stuffed to balance the Bass response for my room.


tim.huggiers 08-15-2017 04:57 PM

Re: Speakers
Oh waw those are exactly what I am looking for! They look amazing.
You, sir, saved my life [emoji16][emoji16]
I now know what I will buy!
Good price [emoji122][emoji122]

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I am still open for other suggestions, for now those JBL speakers are my number 1 choice

albee1952 08-15-2017 05:27 PM

Re: Speakers
Indeed. I also recommend the LSR305's. KRK Rokit 6 would be a second choice. As for stuffing the port on the JBL's, its certainly worth experimenting. Mine were set about a foot off the wall with 2" rigid fiberglass panels(Owens-Corning 703) and sounded really good with surprising low end for a small box(room acoustics, dimensions and speaker placement will all have some affect on the sound of any speakers):o

tim.huggiers 08-15-2017 05:31 PM

Re: Speakers
Thank you @albee [emoji108]

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Southsidemusic 08-15-2017 06:21 PM

Re: Speakers
Well I will be the odd one out here then and say if you make Edm Music with heavy basslines and badass kickdrums a 5" bass driver will be like buying a Ferrari with a Skoda engine installed.

You will hear distortions and "not good ones" as the 5" "woofer" will clip and when you wanna drive those sweet beats a 8" will be quite necessary.

There are a few good 8" monitors used for the budget you set up like the big brother to the LSR 5 named LSR 308" seen here:


Think about this purchase long and hard as your listening environment is the most important piece of your studio. You can have gear for hundreds of thousands and get crappy results due to bad listening and treatment of your room and get superior results with a really budget gearlist in a well treated room so dont cheap out on something this important as monitors. When you realize you cant crank up the volume to get a nice feeling when working with EDM as the smaller 5" cracks up and you wanna sell them you will lose money and have to shell out more than you would have if you got the better ones from the start.

Dont buy stuff twice - Save up for a better option and Buy once :D

tim.huggiers 08-15-2017 06:44 PM

Re: Speakers
Amazing explanation @southsidemusic ill think about it. The price is really my limite; but I always choose quality over price. They even offer to pay 6$ a month if you apply for their credit card. But Ill still need to save money for that one. Maybe next month I should Have boughy speakers before buying pro tools annual engagement.
Thank you !

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albee1952 08-16-2017 07:40 PM

Re: Speakers
I am betting that you will be working in a small space(like a bedroom)? If so, you probably won't be mixing that loud, in which case, the JBL's might be a pleasant surprise in the low end(they were to me). Plus, you can check the lowest frequencies on headphones(something I recommend on any system because the "average home" studio is likely to have major inaccuracy in the lowest 2 octaves anyway. Meanwhile, stash spare dollars for a future subwoofer purchase(if you still feel the need):o

tim.huggiers 08-16-2017 07:48 PM

Re: Speakers
You see that's why I like forums, because you meet professionals and ask them for advice. Indeed I work in my own house in my bedroom to be specifique. Plus I am really new to pro tools and music industry. My ultimate goal is to gain experience in video game music composing and special effects for VideoGames. I will be taking courses (maybe) in the future. But I would love to start and learn by myself and see if I can survive on my own.
That is why your suggestion albee is the one that suits me. Affordable high quality JBL speakers seems right for now. And like you said; meanwhile, I will spear thise unnecessary dollars for a future subwoofer! Who knows maybe my creativity will lead me somewhere else.
Thank you again Albee
I thank you all!

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Emcha_audio 08-17-2017 09:58 AM

Re: Speakers
And you can always add a sub to the setting if you need more base control to those JBL. If price is not really an issue and you are looking for quality I use Genelec's personally so I can vouch for their accuracy, there's the 8320a sam (4") and the 8330a sam (5") might be good also for your small room, and as I said adding a sub will help control and clarify your low frequency response.

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