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fdcfrank2016 01-17-2016 04:21 PM

Apple Software Synth-QuickTime
Hi there!. I've an issue to discuss I discovered. Protools can't see the apple software synth in the MIDI output track, but if I open Digital Performer on the background PT can see it such as DP was rewiring it. That's very interesting, but I can't get or understand the technical reason. Comments are wellcome :eek:

spkguitar 01-19-2016 11:37 AM

Re: Apple Software Synth-QuickTime
Without more specific details, (version of Pro Tools? version of DP? Version of OSX?, etc) it's hard to be specific.

What I'm assuming you are doing is selecting "Instrument Track -> Apple -> AUMIDISynth (stereo)" in DP. In DP, "Instrument Tracks" use plugins to produce sound, either "AU" or "Audio Unit" plugins (of which the Apple MIDI synth is one) or "VST" plugins depending on how you have it configured (and possibly which version you are using).

Pro Tools uses it's own proprietary plugins (either RTAS or AAX depending on your version or PT) and cannot use the "AU" or "VST" plugins directly without some kind of "wrapper" (converter), or by using another program (like DP) in rewire mode.

So in your case, what is happening is that while in DP, you can directly access the Apple synth as MIDI output because DP can use AU plugins, but because Pro Tools cannot access the AU plugin directly, you can't access it directly, and would have to either use it as you mentioned (via rewire), or use a third party wrapper (converter) for whichever other format plugins you wanted to use. Recommendations could be made for you, but we would need to know which version of PT to know which to suggest.

I hope you find this helpful.

fdcfrank2016 01-21-2016 04:16 PM

Re: Apple Software Synth-QuickTime
Hi Spkguitar and thanks for your reply. Ok here we go:

I check that in many systems: a) Mac G4 OS X 10.3 Protools TDM 6.2 and Digital Performer 4.5. b) Mac G5 OS X 10.5.8 Protools 8 LE and Digital Performer 7.2. c) IMac 2007 OS X 10.5.8 Protools 8 LE an Digital Performer 7.2. d) IMac late 2012 OS X Yosemite Protools 9 native and Digital Performer 9.

So, there's no problem about the system o software version.

I'm not creating an instrument track (DLS Synth) in DP, I'm using Apple software synth that is recognized with "interaplication MIDI-soft synth on". I'm not using a wrapper, so that I'm assuming DP is working as a rewire program, but my technical question in how PT can automatically identify DP as a rewire software?.

With DP open, PT can see in "predefined MIDI track output" Apple Soft Synth as a destination device for my MIDI information. I think this is fantastic for setup SMF with GM Program Change information files, don't you think?.

Thank you very much in advance for you wellcome opinion!

wrek 01-28-2016 09:25 AM

Re: Apple Software Synth-QuickTime
BEWARE: MALWARE Attack Links on Avid and Gearslutz forums.

I was searching the forum a few minutes ago, regarding Quicktime wrapper not loading in Pro Tools 12, and when I clicked on a link that said "Try This", the link loaded a malware virus onto my iMac, locked it, and an "Apple looking" popup appeared with the Safari logo, and a phone number to call Apple Support IMMEDIATELY, or I would experience data loss and identity theft.


I looked up Apple support's number on my phone, and called it directly. The Apple tech had to remotely access my computer to clear the virus.

He said, if you call that number, they impersonate Apple techs to access your computer, then lock it up, and demand money to release your data and unlock your computer.

I didn't want to go back to that thread and risk another attack, so I have posted here. It is under the thread "Quicktime Wrapper Fails to Load"

Be careful!

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