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Mark Jiaras 11-30-2000 09:02 AM

24/96 Two Years away?
I called Digi last week and, as an aside, asked when we could expect 24/96 in Pro Tools. The Digi rep said it was at least TWO YEARS away.
Is this true?
Seems like something is not right here.

JC925602 11-30-2000 06:02 PM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
Maybe, maybe not.

24/96 is close to rewriting the software from scratch, new design for the interfaces, farm, mix core, ...

Digi partners need to have the time to get their stuff working.

Avid Also.

And all for OS X

And all of this is a very very long process.

Also pre-announcing a product is very dangerous for a company (remember osbourne computer?).

When they say 2 years, it mean they hope that everybody will be ready (and price will be in a range that will permit some sales).


bigtree 11-30-2000 07:54 PM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
sounds hard to believe.

PMoshay 12-01-2000 12:24 AM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
Just what we need, double the file sizes, Big bucks to upgrade, so that we can post them online as MP3's?

We as audio pro's should start spending time educating the public about audio quality in the 21st century before we go blowing our wad on some more new technology that only WE get to hear and appreciate.

It's like owning a Ferrari, but you live on the north pole...............

stevegalante 12-01-2000 04:27 AM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
As I said in another thread, VERY WELL informed people here in Italy (italian mafia you know...) told me that the new hardware will be presented at AES by the end of next year, 24/96 with the possibility to reach 192KHz. Still on Motorola chips for compatibility reasons. According to these people Digi won't easily try to take advantage from Altivec because this instruction set will be abandoned by Apple since the new G5 processor will be made by IBM, starting from 2GHz.

tld 12-02-2000 12:35 AM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
My thoughts on 24/96: Most likely it would turn a 64 track system into a 32 track system (unless disk drives suddenly get twice as fast). Also...if anyone can honestly say that a 44.1 SR is the weak link in their system, they must some awefully nice gear.


Wolfgang Eller 12-02-2000 01:11 AM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
Sony Oxford works with 44.1/48, SSL MT works with 48, Neve Capricorn as well and nobody is complaining about. Right now just cheap and unprofessionel gear is supporting 96 or more. For me it`s just another industry fake to sell more (more expensive) gear.

Regards Wolfgang

Wolfgang Eller
SRS Mastering/Germany

bigtree 12-02-2000 01:56 PM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
What format is DVD?

HeLikesItHeyMikey 12-02-2000 03:18 PM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
"What format is DVD?"

Huh? That's like asking what format is CD. Also one more thing: even our coolest studio monitors, say, Genelecs (not to mention consumer speakers AND the best Monster Cables to and from them) AS WELL AS most headphones (EVEN OUR TRUSTY Sony MDR series) spec out at around 20 hz - 20khz!

Hmmmmmmmmm http://www.digidesign.com/ubb/images/icons/rolleyes.gif

Giulio 12-02-2000 04:17 PM

Re: 24/96 Two Years away?
Helikes etc.,
I think that the 96Khz thing is not about max audible frequency, which for our ears seldom reaches 20k, no matter what DACs, cables and speakers do.
The point is more about phase coherence, which influences stereo perspective, and quantity of data available to make error correction easier.
However, personally I think that for the 99% of listeners 41k is good enough. 96k will struggle to become a new standard, and this will probably happen in many years, after industries will just stop producing 41k stuff, so they can increase the prices with the excuse of the "superior technology" (look what happened when CD's came out: initially the price was higher than vinyls because it was a new format, then instead of getting cheaper it was the vinyl to become more expensive...).
For the rest, I agree completely with Wolfgang.

bye bye, buy buy


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