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duonganh 07-07-2017 03:41 AM

Add Markers During Record?
It's the classic American success story. A kid comes up with a great idea for a product, builds a prototype in his garage, and then goes no to become rich and famous. But what's different about Danny Way's story is the unconventional approach to manufacturing, marketing, and management that he's put together for his company, Ramp Logic, which manufactures best skateboard for beginners ramps and obstacles.
The lesson for other U.S. manufacturers, especially in the sporting goods industry, is that the market, customer base, and manufacturing opportunities are changing, and it's time to adjust the game plan in order to remain competitive.
According to Jenny T. Morgan, CEO, Sports & Leisure Advisors, skateboarding and surfing are leading the "action" or "extreme" sports industry, and their popularity has even surpassed baseball and soccer. She notes a survey by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, which found that more Americans are riding skateboards than playing baseball, while the number of in line skaters (29 million) is more than double those found on the soccer field. The January 2001 "Sports Participation Topline Report" shows that since 1987 the growth rate for skateboarding has been 7.2 percent per year. Meanwhile, snowboarding has skyrocketed 237.9 percent since 1997, while baseball declined 27.9 percent and basketball grew only 5.1 percent in that same period.
The targeted customer base of 12-to 24-year old young adults also represents the fastest growing demographic of the U.S. population, which will grow to 65.8 million consumers by 2005. Moreover, this age group holds significant retail purchasing power both directly and through its ability to influence parental purchases.
Redefining "business casual"
Way probably would have bristled at the thought of being a businessman earlier in his career. In addition to holding the Guinness world record for longest distance jump on a skateboard at 75' and highest air on a skateboard at 23' 6", he's recognized throughout the world as one of the top vertical skateboarding professionals and widely considered the most versatile skateboarder of all time. He's also said that the sport was in danger of becoming too mainstream. "I think skateboarding right now is at a good and bad turning point," he once said in an interviewer for Skateboarding magazine. "I don't know if that mainstream legitimization will destroy the hardcore market of skateboarding. I want it to keep its foundation because that's always kept skateboarding ahead of the game."

His inspiration for Ramp Logic's products follows the "necessity is the mother of invention" model. Although skate parks are not entirely new, a lot of kids don't live near one and skateboarding is still largely a street sport. Furthermore, the handful of ramps and obstacles that were being sold didn't provide a viable alternative because of their cheap construction. Not only did this mean they didn't last long, they also lacked the safety standards that parents demanded.
Together, Way and a friend came up with a prototype for a ramp a few years back. Way provided the design and his friend was a metal fabricator. Ramp Logic was formed as a company and soon introduced to a local representative of a Taiwanese company with production facilities in China that built sporting goods items such as the "Gorilla" basketball systems. Although Way says he considered manufacturing his product in Mexico, China's edge in "pricing, quality, and reliability" were determining factors in his decision to locate production in Asia.
Nailing down the final product design was achieved through "concurrent engineering," says Bill Nosal, President and CEO of Ramp Logic. Sending Way to China to actually work side-by-side with the engineers to perfect the ramps and obstacles "saved a lot of time and expense," he says.
Nosal joined the company in January. His experience with Vans, Inc., the manufacturer of footwear for extreme sports, combined with knowledge about skateboarding and skate parks, has been a great fit for the company. Morgan says Ramp Logic's "management team mix" is another key advantage--basically, "older" guys with business experience combined with top professional skateboarders who understand what their customers want and need. For instance, Nosal explains that the product design has been refined to conform to the size and weight requirements of FedEx and UPS to improve logistics operations and costs. Furthermore, the second generation (GEN-2) rails and obstacles, rather than being large single-piece steel obstacles, are now constructed of two separate pieces that are assembled by the consumer. how to turn on a skateboard

Meanwhile, skateboarders, says Way, appreciate the fact that all bolts that are used to assemble the ramps and obstacles are standardized to fit the ubiquitous skate key, which can be found in any skateboarder's pocket. Tony Hawk and Eric Koston, who are also world famous skateboarders and well known to kids, also endorse Ramp Logic's products.
As for the company's marketing strategy, it's no surprise that the Internet figures heavily in this area. Not only are a lot of kids online today, it's also where they shop for skateboarding accessories from various sites. Ramp Logic also maintains its own online catalog. Word-of-mouth advertising combined with ads placed in industry publications also plays a big part in increasing exposure for the company.
Nosal says that OEC Group handles freight forwarding for Ramp Logic, while warehousing and distribution is outsourced to a 3PL supplier. The first shipment from China arrived in August 2002 and the total volume of ocean containers from Hong Kong to Long Beach last year was "about 30,' he says.
With approximately 10,000 "board/bike" shops in the U.S., Ramp Logic has only begun to tap into the market potential, says Nosal. "Our plan is to expand distribution of our current product line, with new obstacle offerings as they are developed and continue the growth of the business from there."
Skating For Dollars

There are an estimated 26 MILLION skateboarders in the world, 12 million of whom are in the U.S.
Out of the 12 million U.S, skateboarders, 3 MILLION are located in California.
Skateboards and skateboard-related products, from about 300 manufacturers of professional-level equipment, generate approximately $2.9 BILLION in annual retail sales.
About 100,000 PROFESSIONAL SKATEBOARD DECKS AND 500,000 WHEELS are manufactured each month.

While skateboarding is primarily a street sport, there are currently about 800 public and private skate parks in the U.S. Internationally, there are roughly 300 SKATE PARKS and this number is growing rapidly. How to ride a skateboard for beginners
Hard-goods sales (decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, mounting hardware, grip tape, etc.) continue to increase in volume. Recently, SIGNIFICANT GROWTH of hard-goods sales has been seen in mainstream distribution channels, i.e. sporting goods storm and mass merchants.

Stig Eliassen 07-07-2017 03:46 AM

Re: Add Markers During Record?
Welcome to the community.

Yes, you can. Go to Setup (menu) > Preferences > Editing tab > Memory locations to toggle auto-naming on/off.

albee1952 07-07-2017 08:45 AM

Re: Add Markers During Record?
You do need a keyboard with the number keys on the right end. That "enter" key is the command to drop a marker(the "enter" key above the right SHIFT key won't do it):o

ronbaker 08-17-2017 06:51 PM

Re: Add Markers During Record?
Quickly double tap the enter button on a keyboard with a number pad. Go back and rename and comment on your markers if you feel the need.

zedhed 08-20-2017 08:33 PM

Re: Add Markers During Record?
Wow, a whole bunch of crap there (nothing to do with this forum) to ask a simple question.


lectrohowie 08-21-2017 05:10 AM

Re: Add Markers During Record?
On MacBooks you can hit fn+return

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