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fikafer 01-23-2005 06:54 PM

hi kids,

i'm looking for midi patch names files for my 2 external keyboards: a Roland JV-1080 with the 4 expansion slots full, and a Roland XP-30.

Does anyone have any midi patch names files that you would be willing to send me? I am so not savy at this stuff. I know that there is a JV-1080 file already in the 'Patch Names / Digidesign' folder but it doesn't include the expansion slots. I figure if someone sends me one that has been edited to include the expansion slots I could figure out how to write in my own names.

There is not, however, a midi patch names file for the XP-30, so if any of you kind people out there have created one that I could have it would be greatly appreciated. (I think an XP-50 could potentially work, and I could just edit that one)

On my old OS9 system I was using Galaxy Librarian, but my cousin who is a Mac genious came and got everything working properly for me. I don't want to ask him again if I can figure this out on my own!!!

Many thanks in advance...
Please feel free to email me directly: fikafer@hotmail.com

Philthy 01-23-2005 09:00 PM

Sent you the XP-30 midnam file. I will also post it at the following location for anyone else who needs it. Remember that you must also add the XP-30 to the "Legacy Devices.middev" file.

The address:


This should truly be Digi's and/or Roland's problem.

fikafer 01-23-2005 09:58 PM


you're the best... thanks so much. you're absolutely right about it being roland and digi's problem. i don't understand why there isn't a dedicated site or forum for us to download these things. this has been the BIGGEST issue for me with regard to changing operating systems. i had everything setup via 'Galaxy' and OMS in my OS9 system.

any ideas where to get a file for the jv-1080 (with expansion boards installed)?

thanks again so much!

Philthy 01-24-2005 12:37 AM

I don't know of a 1080 file programmed with expansion slots.

This guy:


is selling a big collection of midnam files including the 1080, but I don't know if it has the expansion slots set up.

I know a little bit of HTML and it really helped me to figure out the XML code that the MIDNAM files are written in.

You could try doing it yourself. It's cheaper and if you succeed you will get a 2-minute thrill that will hardly make up for the hours of frustration.

I will outline what you would need to do if you are sadomasochistic, because my own hugest flaw is procrastinating, and I am working on something dreadful right now, so dreadful that talking about XML is fun by comparison.

Open the 1080 midnam file and look for this code:
<font class="small">Code:<hr /><pre>
<PatchBank Name="Patches 5000" ROM="false">
<ControlChange Control="0" Value="80" />
<ControlChange Control="32" Value="0" />
<UsesPatchNameList Name="Patches 5000" />
</pre><hr />
XML script comes in units. The <Patchbank opens this part and then the </PatchBank> is the tag that closes it. Kind of like book ends. You can see that they stack too... notice the opening and closing MIDICommands tags WITHIN the PatchBank tags. My headaches have headaches.

This little piece of script defines one bank ("Patches 5000") in the 1080. The "ControlChange" tags define what MIDI controller values will load the bank. The "UsesPatchNameList" tag tells what the name of the list with all the program names is (this list will occur later in the script, inside its own little unit.)

So you could define a new bank... copy, paste just after itself, edit like so:
<font class="small">Code:<hr /><pre>
<PatchBank Name="TechnoPatches" ROM="false">
<ControlChange Control="0" Value="82" />
<ControlChange Control="32" Value="1" />
<UsesPatchNameList Name="TechnoPatches" />
</pre><hr />
Now, I am just guessing at the controller values- you would need to find these, maybe in the manual?

The next thing would be to put in all the patches in a new PatchNameList (if you look, I called it "TechnoPatches", so we need to make the "TechnoPatches" patch name list and make sure to call it that.)

So look farther down in the file till you see this stuff:
<font class="small">Code:<hr /><pre>
<PatchNameList Name="Patches 5000">
<Patch Number="I-1" Name="Symphonique" ProgramChange="0" />
<Patch Number="I-2" Name="Alternative" ProgramChange="1" />
<Patch Number="I-3" Name="Velo Tekno 1" ProgramChange="2" />
<Patch Number="I-4" Name="West Coast" ProgramChange="3" />
<Patch Number="I-5" Name="Albion" ProgramChange="4" />
</pre><hr />

Copy and paste the whole list just after itself. Make sure to get the last </PatchNameList> which closes the list.

Change the opening to read:
<font class="small">Code:<hr /><pre>
<PatchNameList Name="TechnoPatches">
<Patch Number="Techno-1" Name="Teknoperator" ProgramChange="0" />
<Patch Number="I-2" Name="Transmission" ProgramChange="1" />
</pre><hr />
Now the fun part... go through the whole list and retype all the program names...

Note that I changed the Patch Number value in the first patch to "Techno-1". You only need to do that for the first program of any list you make- this is a Digidesign flaw in the implementation of this "standard", because when you go to pull up the bank list in ProTools, the names of the banks come from the first Number value in each list, and not from the names you give the banks back in the previous step. Confused? So was I. As far as I can tell, this is a flaw in Digi's implementation.

Once you have done all this, save the file, and you should be ready to go. Next time you call up the 1080 patch list in PT, if you did everything right, you should see the new bank.

Some of the expansion cards use multiple banks, so you will have to repeat the above instructions more than once per card, eg TechnoPatches2 will need to be built (or whatever cards you have.)

Work methodically because if you make a mistake, it will be very difficult to go back and find it. I suggest only adding 1 bank at a time and then checking in PT to see if it took. You can leave PT open- every time you click on the patch change button, it seems to look at the file again.

OK, now a tip: check this out:


Whoever did this is brilliant... it will convert an OMS patch file into a midnam file. The problem is, it's not completely compatible with ProTools, so you have to be able to understand what you're looking at when you do it. BUT you SHOULD be able to use that little app to create all the patch name lists for you!!! So by hand you should set everything up as above, but instead of retyping all the patch names, convert your old OMS files, and then copy and paste the patch names, leaving all the other parts of the script untouched. That was the best success that I had when I did it.

Maybe someone from Digi will chime in and make sure I'm not giving any bad advice. It seems like the least they could do considering what they've unleashed on us. As the years go by, the tragedy of Gibson's buyout of Opcode seems to loom larger each day.

fikafer 01-24-2005 12:51 AM

ok...so first... you're fantastic for giving me all that info.

second, my brain hurt just looking at it and trying to make sense of it.

third, i have been trying to do this very thing all night to no avail. it is late...i will start fresh tomorrow looking closely at YOUR layout.

all the best,


oh yeah, and... you really need to spend more time away from your computer!!!!!!!! ;-)

jeremyroberts 01-24-2005 07:27 AM

Yeah Phil!!!

Thanks for this info!

many of us need it, but never quite figured it out.


minister 01-24-2005 08:05 AM


OK, now a tip: check this out:


Whoever did this is brilliant... it will convert an OMS patch file into a midnam file. The problem is, it's not completely compatible with ProTools, so you have to be able to understand what you're looking at when you do it. BUT you SHOULD be able to use that little app to create all the patch name lists for you!!!

i tried this last week to no avail. i have a PCM91, an Eventide Eclipse, a Quantec Yardstick, a Roland XV5080, a Marhall JMP-1, and an Oberheim OB•12...ALL with OMS patch names. i could not get ONE of them to translate. anybody actually get this to work?

1) why did you make midi patch names SOOOOO stupidly complicated and difficult to impliment?
2) why do you only provide patch names for outdated synths from the 80's and early 90's?
3) why don't you provide us with a librarian or patch names.
4) tell the manufacturers how to do it, so they can provide it on their website.


Scott7543 01-24-2005 11:52 AM

I have a JV-1080 midnam file that I customized with patch names for 4 expansion cards. It works perfectly in Pro-Tools. The cards that I have in my machine are POP, TECHNO, ORCHESTRAL 1, & ORCHESTRAL 2. But if those aren't the same cards that you have you can pretty easily edit the names with a text editor. The main thing is that the file is set up properly to work with the JV-1080 in your configuration. I'll send the file to your e-mail. If you have any problems let me know.

Also, I agree that it's amazing that we are left so on our own with these things. I'm surprised that Roland and the other manufacturers don't post downloadable midnam files on their websites for all their gear. In this time where more and more people are moving to soft synths it seems like a logical way to try and compete. IMO.

Good luck!


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