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dan_sui 04-04-2019 10:09 PM

Issues with front panel jacks
My 11R is having issues with the front jacks. The sound seems to drop out the main signal but the reverb is still audible.

I am struggling to work out if it’s the input or headphone jack, because both seem to be affected. If I jiggle the cable it sometimes comes back. But it seems to be getting worse.

I really need a solution as return is not possible. I’m outside the USA. So if there is a way for me to check the jacks or open the unit and see what’s going on, that would be great.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Darryl Ramm 04-05-2019 12:35 AM

Re: Issues with front panel jacks
The front panel jacks are simple low-cost 1/4”panel mount jacks on fly leads. Not hard to replace by somebody handy with a soldering iron and common parts available from electronics component suppliers. They may even just have damaged contacts that might be able to be bent or cleaned. You would normally identify faulty units by just wiggling the plugs, or occasionally maybe a multimeter to measure continuity. With some soldering you may be able to swap around the front panel jacks to temporarily a broken one with one of the unused front panel jacks. (The rear panel jacks are all board mount IIRC so not swappable like that).

I assume you mean reverb added inside the Eleven Rack rig... if the main signal drops instantly and you hear a reverb lingering for a short while then the problem is on the input not output side. There is no way a problem like this could be a faulty output jack (it might be say a faulty output analog stage, or its digital controller, where the whole output level decreases a large amount and you think you are hearing only reverb).

You need to just do careful logical troubleshooting, before even thinking about opening up the Eleven Rack, excluding things like your guitar cable, guitar itself (unintentionally moving it/it’s output jack while you are messing around). Try playing back using different headphones or monitors. You hopefully have a DAW connected to the Eleven Rack and can test with that, disconnect the guitar and just playing a signal generator to the main outputs... physical output hardware and electronics problems will show up with that test just fine.

It’s also possible you have a more serious than just the input jack intermittent problem, if so without electronic repair skills you are unlikely to make progress there. It’s likely not worth bothering then, and not worth paying for local technicians to repair it. If so toss it out and buy a used one online for ~$150.

dan_sui 04-05-2019 01:15 AM

Re: Issues with front panel jacks
Hi Darryl,

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

I am certain that the headphone jack is a problem, because it has happened to some playback of programmed VIs.

But the problem also seems to be partly related to the input jack too, because sometimes when the problem is occurring, wiggling the guitar jack also helps.

It's the kind of thing that reminds me of a cold solder joint.

Would love to hop on another one if it is the problem, but I'm based in South Africa. So not so easy.

Darryl Ramm 04-05-2019 01:37 AM

Re: Issues with front panel jacks
Test stuff as simply as possible. And check everything as you go step by step. Again, start with a signal generator plugin and known good pair of headphones and nothing else connected. Recheck the headphones themselves do not have connector/electrical problems etc.

Chances of two connector jacks failing independently are very low, unless you have abused them both. So what is going on may be more complex. IIRC none of the front panel jacks are mounted to the front panel analog daughterboard so there is no mechanical coupling between them/no chance of mechanical effects on the daughterboard.

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