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Al Rayder 08-29-2018 11:36 AM

Avalon 737sp Mic Pre
I would like incorporate an Avalon 737sp Mic Preamp as an Insert in Pro Tools. I do not have an patch bay and for right now, I just want to use the Avalon 737sp instead of the mic pre input on the Control 24. How would I make the cable connections? How would I route inside Pro Tools software? Would I use an AUX Track? Bus Track? Audio Track? Would my Setup IO configuration change?

I have an Control 24 (mk1) console, 2 x 192 IO's (each IO is fitted with 16 Analog Inputs and 8 Analog Output cards) an Mackie Big Knob monitor command station (I'm using the Mackie Big Knob for all monitoring, bypassing the Control 24's monitor section)

2x - DB25 to DB25 cables connected to the Control 24 Line Outputs (1-8 & 9-16) going to the 1st 192 IO Inputs (1-8 & 9-16)

1x - DB25 to DB25 cable connected to the 1ST 192 IO Analog Output going to the Control 24 Pro Tools Sources IN

1x - DB25 to 8ch. 1/4" TRS Balanced Breakout Cable connected to the Control 24 Monitor Speakers OUT (DB25) going to the Mackie Big Knob Sources DAW Input using 1/4" TRS Cable 1-2 and 1/4" TRS Cable 3-4 to DAW Phones Mix Input (for an additional cue mix for the recording artist in the booth)

The 2ND 192 IO is just Loop Sync'd to the 1ST 192 IO. The only connections I have on the 2nd 192 IO is 1x - DB25 to 8ch. XLR Breakout Cable to an 16 Channel Stage Box snake in my Live Room for the Band.

So after all that, where does the Avalon fit in my existing set-up?

albee1952 08-30-2018 10:48 AM

Re: Avalon 737sp Mic Pre
What you describing is not using the Avalon as an insert(which I would not do anyway). Since you have 32 available inputs and the first 16 are from the Control24 preamps. I would just start on the next batch of 8 on the second 192. Buy a cable that is DB25(Dsub) on one end and fans out to 8 xlr-female. Plug xlr #1 into the output of the Avalon. Then open Setup>IO>Input tab and add another input(the Avalon) as input 17.

Al Rayder 08-30-2018 11:13 AM

Re: Avalon 737sp Mic Pre
Hi Dave, thank you for replying. Why would you not use the Avalon as an insert?

albee1952 08-30-2018 08:37 PM

Re: Avalon 737sp Mic Pre

Originally Posted by Al Rayder (Post 2498225)
Hi Dave, thank you for replying. Why would you not use the Avalon as an insert?

A few reasons:
1-Its a preamp(I don't own one so I don't know if it can even handle a line-level input)
2-Until you get a honest-to-goodness patchbay, it will be more effort than its worth, constantly going behind it to repatch, all for 1 channel of hardware that can be matched or beaten with dozens of compressor and EQ plugins(with none of the hassle)
3-by your questions, I am guessing you are somewhat new to all this(and no offense is intended:o) and there are many things you can learn that will do much more for your recordings than inserting the Avalon.
4-making the best sound on the way into PT is a much better goal and the Avalon is miles better than the Control24 preamps(kudos for adding a "money" channel to the setup)
5-my suggestion for the next stage of system improvement would be to get an 8-channel outboard preamp. Unless you only track 1 track at a time, the best thing you can do for your recordings will be to move away from the onboard preamps. If you record live drums, I highly recommend the Midas XL-48(which can connect via D-sub, AES or lightpipe to the 192's)
6-back to the hardware insert idea: there's nothing wrong with it, however, many folks think its going to take their recordings to a new level, and it simply won't. Its your skill/knowledge/experience that is going to take your recordings to new heights(with this in mind, I have double the IO of your setup along with a shiny new tt patchbay and several outboard preamps, EQ's and compressors, and despite this being in my rack for the last 18 months, guess how many mixes I have done using hardware inserts? Absolutely zero. As good as the EQ is, I have plugins that do the same or better. As nice as the compressor is, I have plugins that do the same or better. And those plugins recall with every session.:D

Use the Avalon to get great sounds on the way in and you will be a happy camper. Leave the mix to your plugins;)

Al Rayder 09-06-2018 09:05 PM

Re: Avalon 737sp Mic Pre
Thanks for the advice Dave, and believe me, no offense taken! I appreciate any and all feedback (whether it's positive or negative) it's all apart of what makes us evolve to whomever it is, we wish to be.
With that being said, I am definitely new to the HD/TDM world of Recording as pointed out...however, I have been using Pro Tools LE system for over 10 years already and I am not an novice.
Again, I greatly appreciate the advice, (all 6 points plus the idea of starting on the next batch of 8) I am very sure I will be seeking equipment/hardware advice sometime in the near future and hopefully you'll be able to share your wealth of knowledge!

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