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nigelpry 03-16-2016 08:34 AM

Cloud Collaboration cost
So, seeing as Cloud Collaboration is coming soon', allegedly on 1st March, isn't it about time we got a heads up on what the cost will be?

Do people think it will be free, or will Avid see this as an opportunity to develop another income stream?

To get the discussion started, I thought it might be interesting to look at what Steinberg are doing with their equivalent, called VST Transit.

Here's the latest info on it, obtained directly from their website here ....


VST Transit Premium

With version 8.5 of Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist, we have introduced the groundbreaking cloud collaboration service VST Transit. VST Transit comes bundled with 1 GB traffic per month and 500 MB storage space.

More demanding needs can easily be satisfied by increasing the volume through an upgrade to VST Transit Premium Accounts. VST Transit Premium Accounts offer 20 GB traffic per month and 5 GB storage space and can be purchased for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

If all traffic contained in a Premium Account is used up before the end of an accounting period there is the possibility to purchase 20 GB of extra traffic.

Important information

Traffic volume is only specified for data download. Uploading is free without limits.

Traffic caused by the participants of a project is deducted from the volume of the project owner.

The Premium Account is activated when the purchased Access Code is entered into VST Transit.

The Premium Account is valid individually starting on the date of activation for the number of months purchased. A new period begins on the same calendar day in the next month and the available traffic is reset to 20 GB. Remaining traffic from the previous period is not transferred to the new period.

If a new Premium Account is purchased it will be added to the current one.
If the Premium Account is not renewed at the end of the purchased period, all stored media data, such as audio files, will be deleted, and the account is reset to a free account. Project files will remain available in the account to pick up where you left off.

VST Transit Premium Traffic upgrades require a VST Transit Premium Account.

VST Transit Premium 20 GB Traffic will be added to the traffic of the current period and is valid until its end.

VST Transit Premium costs £8 for 3 months, £14 for six months or £22 for 12 months, and each extra 20gb of data transfer traffic costs £3.

So, what do people think Avid's plans for monetisation are?

Southsidemusic 03-16-2016 08:52 AM

Re: Cloud Collaboration cost
March 31st ;)

nigelpry 03-16-2016 09:52 AM

Re: Cloud Collaboration cost

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic (Post 2342424)
March 31st ;)

Whoops .... did you think it was coming sooner than you thought ?

Thanks for correcting the typo ;-)

dr_daw 03-17-2016 05:50 PM

Cloud Collaboration cost
There will be a free amount available to those who are on an Avid Plan, then there will be monthly plans for more space starting at below $10/month. This is according to the response I received from the webinar the other day.

nigelpry 03-18-2016 01:38 AM

Re: Cloud Collaboration cost
Ok, thanks for that.

The one potential use I can see in my own situation for CC is to allow one person to carry on trackng while another does basic edits and comping. So I could be tracking at the studio, and my buddy, who might be at home that day, could strip silence, create tempo maps using beat detective, do some comping, etc etc.

Or vice versa if he's trackng.

It could be a useful time saver to be tidying up the project as we go along. The big question will be cost, as this might well involve transferring (and thus cloud storing) a lot of data that is ultimately destined for the cutting room floor.

Therefore, I'm also curious about whether all data has to pass via 'the cloud', or could it pass directly between two computers on the same network if we were both in the studio .... Say me in the main control room while tracking, and my buddy in our edit suite.

I hope it can pass directly, and so take advantage or our gigabit network ;-)

But then, of course, the next question would be ..... If it doesn't actually use 'the cloud', will data transfer still somehow count towards your monthly allowance?

March 31st is only just around the corner, and yet we still know so little, including the $64,000 question, and other associated pressing questions .....

Assuming 12.5 does hit the streets on March 31st, how soon after that will cloud collaboration be up and running? On the same day?

Will it cope with lots of people setting up test sessions to try out transfers between multiple people on site just to see how it works?

Will the mechanism for buying some extra space/data transfer allowance also be in place on March 31st?

And perhaps most importantly ..... How long will it take to read the terms and conditions of use? Especially to check out the exact wording of any potential comparable phrase to the Artist Community one that grants Avid and its cloud service providers royalty free rights in perpetuity to use, modify, distribute and make derivative works from any songs posted up.

dr_daw 03-18-2016 06:24 AM

Re: Cloud Collaboration cost
There are so many questions that didn't really get addressed at this Webinar. I think you're right though, I think the initial load on the 'cloud' network is going to be large. Due to the nature of the service, it WILL all have to go through the 'cloud'. Intranet collaboration would need to live on your own servers for that to work, at which case, why not just share the session folder over your intranet. If the permissions are properly configured, it should work, although...I guess you can't have two people using the same file.

It's a whole new concept :P

As for space, I can only assume it's like Dropbox. Meaning that total storage is calculated, not total transfer of data like a cellular provider. Meaning that if your session is two gigs, it will remain two gigs towards your storage until it increases or decreases as you change or add files. But this is only an assumption, and only those in Beta and Avid know how it truly works at this time.

nigelpry 03-18-2016 07:10 AM

Re: Cloud Collaboration cost
If you look at Steinberg's VST Transit, as I described in an earlier post .... you are constricted both by Data Storage and Data Transfer, as two separate elements of the package. And you subscribe to the 'Premium' service if you need extra transfer or storage capacity.

You then buy extra transfer capacity if you run out. Steinberg's blurb doesn't actually say that you get even more extra storage capacity when you buy extra transfer capacity.

If you have multiple people collaborating remotely, who all need to have the files transferred to/from their computers, your data transfer needs will be higher than if there is only one collaborator working remotely, even though the amount of cloud storage needed is unaltered.

So, it will be interesting to see exactly what the specs are for Avid's 'free' service provided for anyone on a current 'plan', and what the costs are for any kind of 'premium' service should the free service not meet your needs.

Anyway, no doubt all will become clear, eventually.

WAXLTD 03-20-2016 08:13 AM

Re: Pro Tools 12.5 preview
How much cloud storage is going to be allowed? As these Pro Tools sessions can get quite large, I'm curious how many GB users will be given.

Will it be possible for collaborative session be converted into a non-collaborative sessions? The inverse as well?

Looks really cool, very interested in the possibilities.

Thanks in advance.

dr_daw 03-20-2016 08:49 AM

Re: Pro Tools 12.5 preview
The amount of storage hasn't been made public. All users with an up to date Avid plan will receive a certain amount of 'free' space; then monthly plans will be available for as low as $10/month.

Yes, cloud projects can easily be changed back to local sessions. As for space, the easiest thing to do would be to share 'stems' if the collaborator doesn't need access to individual tracks. IE, you have 12 live drum tracks; but the guitarist isn't interested in messing with the drum mix. Then you just create a drum stem and share that.

Only time will tell what the limitations are going to be for space, some have pointed to Steinbergs method which calculates up/down usage as well as storage.

One can only hope this isn't the case and the system is closer to Dropbox...otherwise, for myself; Dropbox will be the method of choice for collaboration.

WAXLTD 03-21-2016 01:42 AM

Re: Pro Tools 12.5 preview
Thanks for the info. I guess we'll see more from Avid as they roll this out. Hopefully it is in fact a "dropbox" kind of a scenario, not a "data transfer" plan like a cell phone company.

Quite a complex situation to shoehorn into the cloud. Looks like they are off to a great start on the technical side, from the previews we've seen.

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