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Raoul23 09-16-2017 04:15 PM

SSD4 OH and Room issue?
For all my projects I use SSD4. I have all the expansion packs which IMO sound very good. For a long while now I've suffered the same issue.

I get the drummer to play the part on the electric kit using SSD4, when I'm happy with the midi I record each drum to its own separate audio track this is where my issues start I find that the OH and Room mics always come up very weak on the track so I use clip gain to increase the wave form. This then only gives me a little travel on the channels slider before the Room/OH just swamp the mix. I've tried compression, EQ, multiband compression but nothing helps me to get the OH/Room mics to sit right in the mix so that the drums sound glued together and not like a cymbal swamped mix. The room mics either sound like they are doing nothing to the mix I then turn them up maybe 2-3 db and they are just way to present and over powering to the drum sound.

Does any body else have this issue and is it just an SSD4 sample problem.

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albee1952 09-16-2017 08:33 PM

Re: SSD4 OH and Room issue?
I've never used SSD4, but did lots of drums with a Roland kit and Superior Drummer, EZdrummer and Addictive Drums. One thing I found myself doing in almost every case was going into the "Bleed" settings and pulling the snare bleed in the overheads way down(if not, I would always get too much snare with the overheads where they belonged). My other preference is to NOT use the room sound from the plugin and substitute my own "room"(a reverb plugin). What this does for me is; it makes the drums sound different than the other 1000 people using the same plugin:o If this doesn't help, maybe it will spark some ideas that will:rolleyes:

BTW, if you put up a real hi-hat and ride cymbal(with 2 mics) it gets better. If you add all real cymbals and decent overhead mics, it gets better still(something about the real brass and mics can add a certain "air" that doesn't quite happen when its all in the box):D

AlexLakis 09-16-2017 08:45 PM

Re: SSD4 OH and Room issue?
Yeah, there are bleed settings for everything in SSD4. Make sure you're feeding the levels you want into them from each drum/cymbal before you print. There is also a "mono" mic that receives bleed from all tracks by default; I don't use a lot of this mono mic personally, but it might bring more cohesion to your central channel if that's what you're looking for. Other than that, I use the OHs and Rooms from SSD4 all the time; it just depends on what sound you're going for (I use SSD4 mainly for rock production demos, so I'm kind of a native son there...) What kind of music are you doing? What sample packs do you own?

Raoul23 09-17-2017 12:36 AM

Re: SSD4 OH and Room issue?
I've messed with the bleed setting a few times but this has made no difference. It mostly happens when the drummer is using open hi hat or riding on the crash cymbals. It just sounds very washy no definition to the cymbals, if you no what I mean.

I own all the sample packs @AlexLakis and it's always the cymbals that give me issues. Mostly I record rock/metal and sometimes indie

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EdwardWilliam 09-18-2017 03:36 AM

Re: SSD4 OH and Room issue?
Just from memory, I recall that the SSD mixer has auxes on each individual channel for OH and Room. If your hat is too hot, send less of it from the hat channel to the OH or Room.

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