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L-Dogg 11-16-2019 01:37 PM

Eleven Rack with Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro
Hi all.....quick question-with a long explanation.:p

Setting up 11R with the Voodoo Labs GCP for the first time.....to use live for the first time....power amp/speakers etc. First rehearsal with it is later today. GCP is Version 1.3.1.

I have it set to 4 patches and 8 Instant as far as the switches. I have my 4 amp patches on the bottom row in Bank 01 etc and I am using Instant switches 1-8 for turning on and off the various effects.

I started setting it as such......

2=Roto Speaker

So far, this has worked flawlessly.

However.....when I go to switch #5 to set what I want there.....the BS begins.

I want to place the Orange Phaser on switch 5.

I get into Edit Mode > Instant > cursor to 05 > Data up to #50 if the device is in MOD or #63 if in FX1 or #86 if in FX2 (as per the 11R manual)

Then I hit Edit...Exit Yes/No? and hit Yes.

Now.......nothing happens to the phaser when I activate switch 5.....AND.......now switch 1 has no effect on the overdrive. 2-4 still work just fine.....ONLY switch 1 is affected. I have to re-program switch 1 to #25 to get the OD working as before. Then 1-4 work okay as before. I tried using a device on switch 6 as well.....same thing....kills the functionality of my overdrive switch 1.

To me it seems as soon as I add a device to switch 5 through 8......it kills the OD on 1.

Since I was able to program 1-4 okay initially, I suspect I am missing something simple or doing something stupid when it comes to 5-8.

Does anyone have a solution for me?

BTW.......I bought this GCP used from a private party-and I have no experience with them. I have no idea what he did when he set his up or if he sold it because he was also having issues. Naturally he told me it worked perfectly and I got a good vibe off him. He is a pro guitarist and has albums etc and I'm sure he would not try dupe me. :rolleyes: No serious....he seemed cool.

PRSWILL 11-19-2019 12:03 PM

Re: Eleven Rack with Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro
I have the same set-up. the GCP is touchy and I am not sure I can answer your questions accuratly, I would recommend downloading the manual. There are a couple of modes you can put the GCP in and this may be your issue. Make sure you're mapping the correct MIDI channel to the correct Midi input on the 11R and that the 11R is not locked for programming. I have ben using mine live for about a year and it works very well. I tend to set up my presets in their entirety and just step through them for different tones. I do turn off certain elements in the chain with the individual switches from time to time as well.
The frustrating part of the GCP is it doesnt' receive midi programming from the 11R well- it's always "in-charge" of the set-up.

Good luck with this. sorry to not be much help- but I've been there are it's doable with some poking around.

stormstudios 11-20-2019 11:31 AM

Re: Eleven Rack with Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro
You might want to re-initialize the unit because it sounds like something wonky from the previous user.

Here's the manual.

Page 5 has the init steps.

Alternatively, when you edit the Instant Access button #5, what does the channel / note value say? (eg. 5.CH01 CTL050?)

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