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RCKPROD 09-27-2005 01:54 PM

Headphone Mix With The Control/24
Anyone knows how to set the C24 to work with a headphone mix using the stereo AUX out of the C24 to the input channel 16 of the C24. I get no sound at all,

My setup, I am using and the 192 output 3 through 8 as the headphone out.

I connect the stereo AUX L and R out to C24 channel 16.

I assign all my sent to the output 3 through 5 with my headphone are plugging.

I am assign channel 16 in protool software to an AUX track and have the sent set to 3 through 5 and all level are up and getting no sound when using the talkback button.

Do I need a DI or a preamp......?

HD3 system with one 192 and a C24


Dosser 09-28-2005 03:41 PM

Re: Headphone Mix With The Control/24
I'm not sure why you would need to set it up as above. How about you try this instead:

1. Pick a couple of your 192 outputs (Like Interface 3 & 4). Set up a send on all the tracks of your session (let's use send A). Make them all PRE fader.

2. Hit "Flip" on the Sends area on the C24. The faders will show the levels for Send A. Select PT 3&4 as your listening source at the Control Room Monitor section of the C24. You can now dial up a mix separate from your monitor mix (on PT1&2) that can be sent to the headphones.

3. Patch from C24 Aux Out into your headphone system (whatever you happen to be using for that). While listening through the headphone system, make sure"Monitor to Aux" is off, and that an appropriate level is set on the Aux knob (at the Communications/Headphone section of the C24.

4. If your headphone system allows for more than two channels, you can use the 192 outputs 5 through 8 for extra "more me" sends. Just pick a track you need to have on an additional headphone channel, set up a send (like send B) - have it go out Interface 5, make it "PRE", and set it at unity gain. Then patch 192 output 5 into the additional headphone system channel's input (This last part is hard to explain without knowing what headphone setup you're using).

RCKPROD 10-05-2005 10:08 AM

Re: Headphone Mix With The Control/24
Thanks Dosser,

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