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spider 06-16-2019 06:24 AM

Plugins for protools first
I finally got this working well...can save projects to my hard drive...etc. But my download has NO plugins. It supposedly comes with a package of basic stuff (compressor, reverb, etc.) How do I download these?

(This would be a great Father's Day gift for me)


DigiTechSupt 06-16-2019 01:21 PM

Re: Plugins for protools first

Originally Posted by spider (Post 2529540)
I finally got this working well...can save projects to my hard drive...etc. But my download has NO plugins. It supposedly comes with a package of basic stuff (compressor, reverb, etc.) How do I download these?

(This would be a great Father's Day gift for me)


Hi, did you get your Pro Tools First as a bundle with an interface/hardware? How did you register your product online and on what link/site did you register it to? If you have a Focusrite interface, this should be registered at https://customer.focusrite.com/register and the downloads can be found https://customer.focusrite.com/my-software The pro tools first installer package link can be found at the bottom of this link.
If you've already done this, please let me know.


spider 06-16-2019 04:59 PM

Re: Plugins for protools first
I did not get Protools First with an interface/hardware...so there is no "registration card." I downloaded it... created an Ilok account, etc. I keep reading that there is a free bundle of plugins that come with it (see below)... but can't seem to download or install any. The only Plugin that shows up in the Audiosuite is "time compression/expansion."

This website (https://www.avid.com/pro-tools-first/plugins) offers 23 Protools First plugins -- FREE with a button "GET IT NOW." But there's nothing there when I follow the link.



I found this...

Does Pro Tools First use regular AAX plug-ins?

No. Avid say “Plug-in bundles which include First in the name are specifically designed for use with Pro Tools | First and do not require an iLok. These plug-ins should download and automatically install, without needing to re-launch Pro Tools. Only plug-ins purchased through the Avid Marketplace with your Avid Master Account will work with Pro Tools | First. All other plug-ins will remain hidden and unavailable at launch.”

Are there, in fact, any free plugins I can obtain? Like compression/limiting...normalization... reverb?



Darryl Ramm 06-16-2019 06:14 PM

Re: Plugins for protools first
The basic plugins should be included with your installer. They are actually bundled/hidden inside the application and dropped into the plugin folder from there, so hard to get wrong. You should have any additional bonus plugins available in your Avid Account as downloads, listed with the Pro Tools First downloads.

are .aaxplugin files in the plugin folder?

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins
Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins

Do you see plugins loading in the splash screen as Pro Tools First is starting up?

If yes to both of the above how *exactly* are you determining you don't have plugins/

With a mono *audio* track when you click on a insert selector and the pop-up menu appears what is listed under each of the plugins submenus, e.g. under EQ and all other submenus.

If .aaxplugin files are there but are not loading and not showing up then delete any .aaxplugin files in the plugin folders, trash prefs and start Pro Tools, it should magically put them back, see troubleshooting step under "Help Us Help You" up the top of each DUC Web page. If that does not work uninstall (if on Windows, drag the app to the trash and empty if on Mac) and reinstall Pro Tools First. The assumption is you are on a supported OS, have correctly installed this software (must be on the C drive on Windows), etc.

If you need more help the provide the expected information about your system, again see under that same link up top of each DUC web page.


If you want to run a variety of other plugins, the Avid Pro Complete Plugin Bundle is pretty impressive, and a bargain at $50/year. But beyond that if you want third party plugins, Pro Tools First is a dead-end and you are better off with Pro Tools standard or just about any other DAW.

spider 06-16-2019 08:01 PM

Re: Plugins for protools first
Thanks for this good info. I checked the plugins folder, and only have:

Program files/common files/Avid/Audio/plugins/XPand!2.aaxplugin

That's all.

On the splash screen I see "loading plugins" for a few seconds, but nothing is loaded. With Protools open, under Audiosuite, all I see is the one plugin listed above.

It sounds like should reinstall Protools First?


Darryl Ramm 06-16-2019 08:17 PM

Re: Plugins for protools first
Nope, do what I already suggested, starting out with trashing prefs.... always the first thing to try. You can skip deleting the plugins however.

Then try reinstalling First as I described if that does not work.

You may want to try a new download of the installer from your Avid.com account before running the install again.

Still stuck, post info about your computer. Post a Sandra report if on a PC.
Info how to do that is under troubleshooting under "Help Us Help You".

Make sure you have free space on the boot/system drive, you'll need ~<2 GB to install stuff

Make sure you do not change anything from the standard install, let the installer install stuff where it want to and make sure the account running the installer had admin privileges.

But if a really still stuck, then things seem kinda hosed and you may well end up needing to reinstall your Operating System... so do what I suggested carefully and hopefully you won't have to.

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