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Sinsanatic 02-13-2018 01:12 PM

Fast Track C400 Left side only audioplayback
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Hello good people

I have a Fast Track C400
Everything just come out in the left speaker of the headphone ? Almost its 90% Left and 10% Right. I'm going slightly mad here.
I'm running Windows 10 with the lastest driver from AVID's page

I have tested 2 headphones and 3 jack adapters by now.

In the fast Track C400 controlpanel it all looks good. Audio in both left and right. I have others have this issue, but then M-Audio says to contack AVID. Its a used interface from my cousin and she does not have the note of papir with the serial number anymore, so no help at AVID.

I know that the recording only records in the left but thats not the issue ;-)

Does anyone knows how to fix it?

Please help

albee1952 02-15-2018 06:58 PM

Re: Fast Track C400 Left side only audioplayback
Its probably not worth the cost of a repair shop, but if its only the headphone jack that is messed up, you have some options to bypass that issue. 1 option would be to pass the main outs thru a little mixer and connect the headphones to the mixer. Another would be to get a monitor/source switcher, such as Samson C-Control, Mackie Big Knob or Presonus Central Station. I have used the Presonus in my rig for several years and, while its not the "cheap" option, it does give a lot of handy options. Mine allows me to listen to Pro Tools(from my interface), computer audio(optical SPDIF from the computer), any iPhone/iPad(via a mini-TRS cable that is always ready to go). I can also select between 2 sets of speakers, with or without a sub:D

Sinsanatic 02-16-2018 05:38 AM

Re: Fast Track C400 Left side only audioplayback
Thank you for the answer but are you sure that it is a hardware problem and not a software problem ? I was thinking that it might be the windows 10 drivers that was screwing up something? Because my cousin She has used it not long ago, and when she did it work just fine. I just took IT home and plugged IT in

albee1952 02-16-2018 10:08 AM

Re: Fast Track C400 Left side only audioplayback
Well, its on you to properly troubleshoot. If the main out sounds fine and its only the headphone out that is lopsided, I don't know how Windows(or any other software) can cause that(unless the headphone out is being fed from a different source, like a send that feeds the headphone out, but NOT the main out). Also, consider that most every electronic device these days works fine...right up until it breaks:eek::o

BTW, one system tweak that is almost universally required on a Windows rig is, go into Sound>Properties and make sure that windows is NOT using the interface as its default playback device(set Windows to use the computer's sound card). so maybe check this and see if it helps.

polarbears 07-16-2019 09:35 AM

Re: Fast Track C400 Left side only audioplayback
I also have similar playback issues with my fast track c400. The difference in my situation is that there is completely no R-output when using output channel 1-2. Another difference would be that my headphone output plays both LR perfectly fine. Output 3-4 works perfectly fine as well.

So is this correctly diagnosed as a hardware problem? Upon troubleshooting, I narrowed it to output 2 being the broken channel. Has anyone had have similar experiences? Any fix you might suggest? Help would be greatly appreciated!

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