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KasticK 02-08-2003 06:19 PM

Buss error,Address error,ilegal instruction,error type 10
As noted these are all the errors that i'm getting when i try to boot my G4 867 DP with Protools

5.1.ich only happens after going into Control

panel and i changed my fonts to digi's Chicagoas suggested after thateverything goes crazy can'tbootup no mater what even after turning off extensions please help me here someone

Crussom 02-08-2003 06:49 PM

Re: Buss error,Address error,ilegal instruction,error type 10
I just got over the exact same problem, on the exact same type of Mac (Dual 867) yesterday. I had no problems in OSX but as soon as I booted OS9 I started getting all kinds of errors (bus errors, illegal opperation, etc. just like you). I hadn't even installed Protools software yet (just my MIX + hardware). Anyway, my problem had to do with a 256 meg ram chip (which tested as ok, works fine in my PC, is the right spec for the Mac, but the Mac doesn't like it!). I pulled the chip out, and all is ok now.

There is a lot of info in the Apple knowledge base about these errors (which actually isn't very helpful). Basically, from what I gather, it could be 1. Extention Conflict (try holding shift when you boot to disable extentions. Then enter extention manager and choose OS 9.22 base). 2. Corrupt OS (try re-installing OS9). 3. Your PRAM may need to be zapped (check Apple website for more info on this). 4. It could be a hardware error (run the hardware test disc, if everything checks ok, you might just have to start pulling pieces out, assuming that you have added additional hardware above the stock configuration.)

I feel for you, as I spent an entire day working on this problem. If you can't determine the problem, try Apple Tech support. Pleae post when/if you find the problem. Since my problem was due to hardware that I added, I would say to start by removing ANY hardware that you added, piece by piece, until the errors stop.


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