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fork-media 02-14-2016 07:42 PM

EX CPTKer PT10.3.9 "HD" and focusrite DAE -9507
ok its not the end of the earth. but I am getting these once or twice a day..

a getting up and walkign around break is ok.. but prefere to decide when myself!

if I get one of these the best bet is to save. close - trash pref s ( a bit like throwing salt over the shoulder??)

restart. computer.

else if I just close project. or close Reason ( running over rewire )

I suppose I could try editing with out rewire - but since I am doing a cartoon series that would really slow things down! need to crank 22 mins every day / day and a half.

anyone have any tips

my sig should be updated... now have 2 x 1 TB SSD
( PT 10.39 OS 10.8.5 Server )

sessions run on drive "B"

OS and vide on drive "A"

I did try running vid off external USB drive.,. same issue DAE - 9507 once or twice a day..

any clues? does my OS being a "server" version affect?

fork-media 02-14-2016 08:08 PM

Re: EX CPTKer PT10.3.9 "HD" and focusrite DAE -9507
one more thing

I do feel my system is "laggier" than my creaky 2008 Mac Pro v1

If I move mouse after a click it might take 0.3 of a sec for the mouse to catch up with the actually move - ie u see the mouse pointer jump across the screen.

gotta say 10.8.5 isnt my favourite OS - seems a bit grey as well.. I was on snow leopard for ages...

I decided not to upgrade to 12 will sit it out for 2 more years I think..

or maybe buy a vanilla version for bouncing out of me stereo cartoon series?

YYR123 02-14-2016 09:38 PM

Re: EX CPTKer PT10.3.9 "HD" and focusrite DAE -9507
10.8.5 is a wonderful place to be.....even for PT12

I assume you have the i7 Mac mini that has the actual dual core instead of the quad? Which could explain why it's running a bit behind.

Also you are running a computer that doesn't have a standalone GPU card...ie you are using those extra CPU cycles for Video instead of PT processing

I had no problem with PT10.3.7 HD for years....running the same setup except Saffire 56.

I didn't have a DAE issue with focusrite. I would try another version of PT10. My choice would be 10.3.7 b/c I know it works but 10.3.10 should also be in the consideration

fork-media 02-15-2016 12:04 AM

Re: EX CPTKer PT10.3.9 "HD" and focusrite DAE -9507
hey thanks

no it has a Intel HD Graphics 4000 768 MB

I assume thats a card..

interesting you mention 10.8.5 - I just bought a mac book pro- actually its a pretty old one.. 2012 - still on firewire.. I needed a newer model than my 2009 mbp. which hasn't looked so good since I sat on in it.. it does still work but it is slightly bananad

so I will be experimenting with a "new system" this co-incides with moving countries... farewell hong kong -

I thought I could prob get away with cloning the macmini drive. but I asked if they could put 10.8.5 on the new 1TB SSD in the new laptop.

interested to compare the 2 - hopefully I can resolve the issue with out work grinding to a halt...

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