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Muziqjonez 07-19-2020 05:15 PM

Pro Tools 12.3.1, Win10 Pro and Digi 003
Can someone please help because I am at a loss! I upgraded from my Win7 pro computer that ran the Mpowered ProjectMix with ProTools 8.1 to ProTools 12.3.1 and since I needed an interface I got a Digi 003 Console But Pro Tools keeps saying I need to add a HUI. I tried adding the legacy drivers but to know avail! The sliders move when the 003 is recognized by me holding down the “N” button! Tried to do a firmware update but it stops at “LOADING”... and Vegas mode worked. Not sure what to do now or which legacy drivers to use ... can someone, anyone please help!

3.40GHz Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge QUAD-CORE Accelerated Processor (3.80GHz Max Turbo)
HDMI Video Port
DVI Video Port
VGA Video Port
Optical S/PDIF Out
Internal Fans
775W Power Supply
(6) Rear USB 3.0 and 2.0 Ports
(2) Front USB 2.0 Ports
FireWire Port (IEEE 1394 6-Pin)
THX High Definition 8-Channel Audio
Onboard Ethernet LAN
Windows 10 Professional Operating System (64bit)
ProTools HD 12

albee1952 08-06-2020 09:41 AM

Re: Pro Tools 12.3.1, Win10 Pro and Digi 003
This may be a tough one to solve. First off, are you able to get audio into Pro Tools and hear playback with the 003?
#1-Are you positive the 003 works? Hot-patching the firewire can easily fry the FW chip in the 003 and the repair cost is more than the unit is worth now.
#2-The firewire driver; there are usually 3 drivers available in Windows. Legacy is 1(and Avid recommends this driver, but it never worked for me). TI Compliant is another(and this is the driver that worked for me when I had my 003). I don't remember the name of the 3rd driver, but when I tried it, it turned my 003 into a midi note generator:eek:(seriously, if I had EZdrummer in the session, the PLAY button would trigger the hihat sound:p)
#3-you may be pushing the boundaries of compatibility between Win10, that version of PT and the old(and unsupported) 003.

If you ARE getting audio in and out with the 003(it is the selected Audio Engine in Setup>Hardware), then the 003 is probably okay, but HUI is not going to help(if you added a HUI device in the Peripherals menu, remove it).

Do try the firmware update again but next time, once it starts, go eat lunch or watch a movie. It can take from 20-30 minutes to hours(I don't remember, but it may also be dependent on internet speed:o).

By all means, do try the other firewire drivers(knowing what FW controller you have might help. That info would appear in a sisoft Sandra report). You may also end up needing to get another interface, in which case I would NOT recommend 002, 003, mBox(any version) or any M-Audio product. Stick with newer products(Focusrite, Presonus, RME, etc)

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