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ziggy_me 12-15-2006 03:32 AM

PT LE control surface
Right until now, I was using a novation x-station as a control surface for PT 7.1.1. However, after the 7.3 upgrade, my system isn't recognizing the CS10 dll file that was previously used. Does anyone know of a way I can put my x-station to work? I really like it as a control surface for both pro tools and software instruments. If that's impossible, what other sugestions do you have for a new control surface (mackie control?, command8?...)



aip 12-15-2006 04:10 AM

Re: PT LE control surface
I have a similar complaint since PT7, and have never gotten a clear response. PT used to allow the Penny&Giles DC-16 as a controller, that worked perfectly for all aspects of a session. Then it was dropped, but it could be somewhat adapted using the CS-10 profile, but in a very minimal manner. Now it's dropped completely, I guess.
Since the Penny&Giles DC-16 is totally programmable, and can send strings, etc., is there someone here who knows if it is possible to reconfigure it to PT7 - that is, to give it a MIDI controller profile that allows transport, faders, insert controls and the whole shebang?
Any help GREATLY appreciated!

bigbubbaj 12-15-2006 10:47 AM

Re: PT LE control surface
My CM Labs MotorMix still works great and is still officially supported.

Sometimes you can grab the drivers off an old install and put them in the proper folders...

Its worth a shot.

aip 12-16-2006 03:15 AM

Re: PT LE control surface
big bubbaj,
I have tried that in the past, with no success, but will try again when I install 7.3. For the moment I'm on 7.0, since I had a big project to finish, and couldn't risk any possible conflicts.
Thanks for your reply!
If anyone can direct me to a clear explanation of the MIDI controller profiles - and possibly a way to program my Penny&Giles DC-16 to function perfectly with PT7, I would greatly appreciate it.

dubhausdisco1 12-16-2006 05:35 PM

Re: PT LE control surface
It's unfortunate that you have not listed your setup in your profile... the 002 (NOT the 002r, which is a poor man's HD) is a SUPERB control surface for LE...........

aip 12-17-2006 03:30 AM

Re: PT LE control surface
Thanks for the reply. My setup is a bit too big to go into all the details, but breifly: several keyboards, using the K2500 as the main kb, since it has a bank of faders and buttons, several sound modules on a MIDI patchbay, a G5 2x2G with 2.5G RAM, NI R5,K2,Spektral Delay, Melodyne,... and several outboard tools Drawmer 1960, Penny & Giles PP-10,... etc,...
But I think you may have missed the point of my question. My Penny & Giles DC16 used to be a fully accepted MIDI controller for PT6, working for transport, mix, FX and all. It still works like a champ for all my softs and is totally programmable and very good as an interface, positioned to the left of my K2500, allowing any fiddling in real time that I need. I have no need for the DIGI 002,(unless you would like to send it to me for Christmas!), and would simply like to regain the full compatibility I once had with my PT6 & P&G DC-16.
Thanks again for your suggestion.

kRokksOn 12-18-2006 09:56 AM

Re: PT LE control surface
Have you tried contacting your respective hardware manufacturers for updates on drivers?

I´m using command8 myself so I´ve never run into any problems with controllers (thank goodness).

Good luck.

spkguitar 12-18-2006 10:03 AM

Re: PT LE control surface
I believe there are new Legacy MIDI Controllers, including the cs-10 driver, for 7.3 on this page.

aip 12-19-2006 06:04 AM

Re: PT LE control surface
First, ziggy_me, sorry if I hijacked your thread, but some of the answers are valid for many of us.
Second, thanks to all who have answered my questions. The P&G DC16 was discontinued long ago, so there are probably no new drivers, although I'll contact them to find out. The CS-10 template is only a pale reflection of the power of the DC-16, so is less interesting to me.
Third, and possibly the most important - does anyone know how to program a MIDI controller (any MIDI controller) to take full advantage of PT7? The DC-16 is FULLY programmable, so I still hope to get it back into service with PT.
Thanks again to all, and have a good Holiday season.

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