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superpenguin79 07-29-2005 06:07 PM

Re: wide stereo distorted guitar tips...give \'em u
Have you tried 2 cabs with one clean and one distorted? The clean meshed with the distorted will give it more of the texture you are looking for along with the clarity/layering. As far as the phasing goes, if you are unable to reverse the 2nd mic and get rid of the phase, I would try a different type of mic placement. Usually a good place to start is with the rule of 3. I would do top right speaker, and bottom left with the '57's or just the opposite top left and bottom right caus those should be about 3ft appart to the best of my reccolection... If one clean and one dirty amp are not enough, try 2 clean cabs and 2 dirty and layer to satisfaction.

Also, the sound you are talking about comes from the cab they used, the guitars they used, the player that was playing, the console, the pre-amps, tape deck, or whatever... Remember that most Pro's have atlest a couple million invested into these types of rigs and replicating the sound at a home based project studio is not always going to be perfectly possible...

regarding the stereo panning, I am not sure who produced the new Chevelle record, but I would look up Reznor, Trent on the net and read the stereo panning articles on his site if he still has them up. Stereo Panning is pretty much the same regardless of what you are panning and there are tricks like tap delay, chorus, reverb...etc.. that will give you a wider stereo image even though you still have the same L & R parameters to deal with. Goodluck in your search, very worst case scenerio, see if you can find an article about the record you're talking about on how they recorded it and read up on it. peace

Allen Tucker 07-30-2005 07:39 PM

Re: wide stereo distorted guitar tips...give \'em u
thanks guys, i really appreciate all your help. I will try some of the suggestions that you suggested that I havent tried yet. again, thanks


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