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beggehorn 04-22-2008 07:59 PM

(SOLVED) BUG:Can\'t access all busses (not visible on screen)
I was updating and expanding a custom IO setup today and found a bug and am curious if it exists in some similar fashion on other peoples systems. After some testing I realized this wasn't a problem with my particular IO setup. Trashing pref's doesn't help either

To reproduce:

1. Open a new sessiom

2. Open IO setup, click the "Bus" tab, select all (Ctrl+A) and click "Delete Path"

3. Press "Default" (128 stereo busses with mono sub-paths should be created), click "OK"

4. Create one mono audio track and open the output assignment window.

Are all 128 busses visible?

On my system, I can see two rows of available bus pairs and sub-paths:

Row 1 contains busses 1-48 (though sub-path 47 is cut off and 48 is not visible at all...)

Row 2 starts at the top with sub-paths 77 and 78 (can't assign a stereo output to "Bus 77-78") and ends with Bus 23-24 (with sub-path 24 being cut-off).

All the rest of the busses are visibly missing and un-assignable.

I did a test and manually created 64 stereo bus pairs (without sub-paths) and assigned them, cascading through all 128 voices. All 64 stereo bus pairs fit in one row on my screen when opening the track/send assignment windows. I then started manually adding mono sub-paths to these busses in the IO Setup until the assigment lists exceeded the size of the screen. After adding mono sub-paths to the first 4 stereo busses an arrow appeared at the bottom of the list allowing me to scroll and select the assignments that wouldn't fit on the screen! I continued assigning two mono sub-paths to each stereo pair and found that as soon as I assigned the second sub-path to the 26th stereo bus pair (slot 52), my assignemts list grew to two rows and the scroll arrows are gone again.

I understand this may be affected somewhat by screen real estate. I'm running @ 1920 X 1200 resolution. I hope this is found to be helpful and that a fix can be made soon!


GeneOuse 04-23-2008 08:34 AM

Re: BUG: Can\'t access all busses (not visible on screen)
This sounds like a video drivers issue to me. All busses should be visible, especially given that you're at 1920x1200 screen resolution. If you're not seeing the complete list that means there's a Direct Draw issue. I'd also trash PT preferences to reset window sizes and positions that are currently stored.

Try uninstalling your current video drivers completely and get the latest ones. Even if you have the latest ones already you still want a clean reinstall. Make sure to do a complete cleanup after removing the drivers. To do that google "Ati or Nvidia complete uninstall" whichever you have, and you'll find tons of info; there are even some utilities available from ATI/Nvidia.
Let us know how it turns out.

beggehorn 04-23-2008 11:17 AM

Re: BUG: Can\'t access all busses (not visible on screen)
Thanks for he reply Geneouse.

To be more clear, the root of the problem appears to be that as soon as the second column appears in the list, the ability to scroll the list goes away. Its not a case of missing text but that the list appears to extend above and below the boundaries of the screen and there are no scroll triangle indicators as there are when the list is only 1 column wide.

This doesn't strike me as a graphics problem as much as a menu design flaw. I'm really curious to see if anyone else can reproduce this.

BTW, I'm using Matrox. My system specs are in my sig.

beggehorn 04-25-2008 02:10 PM

Re: BUG: Can\'t access all busses (not visible on screen)
Solved this one (finally!)

After some more troubleshooting (installing different video driver versions and playing with advanced display settings), I discovered that turning off dual display mode for my Matrox P750 restored access to all busses. Further testing revealed that this issue is actually caused when I orient my second display "above" my primary display in Windows display properties (meaning my mouse moves onto the second display when it passes the top border of my primary). I had this set up this way because my second display (Sony Bravia LCD) is on the wall infront of my primary display. When I changed the orientation to place the second monitor to the right of my primary all is good. I can use my dual display setup and my routing assignment list is now *three* columns wide and all 128 busses in my IO setup are available. Excellent!

Hope this helps someone else somewhere down the line

jalsoph 07-20-2014 02:12 PM

BUG:Can't access all busses (not visible on screen)
I have this issue in PT 8 LE. There's only two columns for the output bus list, and the first one has busses 19-28 off-screen. I am unable to scroll through the list making it pretty much impossible to use these busses.

I don't have any other monitors enabled on my laptop and recently reinstalled my video driver too. Anyone else having this issue or have a solution?

Windows7 32bit
Latitude D830 Laptop

boozooq 08-25-2015 03:49 PM

Re: (SOLVED) BUG:Can't access all busses (not visible on screen)

I have the same problem on PT11 / Win7 64 Bit, with dual screen configured like this:
above on the wall: LG TV on intel HD3000 display output, 1920x1080
in front on the desk: LG 21:9 wide screen, 2560x1080

-> I also found the same workaround.

I just created an account on duc a few minutes ago to post a question about it, because i hadn't found any post related to that issue before ... and i'm sad to discover you had the same issue with no other solution than "moving" the wall screen on a side of the display layout.

Which i could verify is that the send bus list is exactly as high as both the screens resolution, so, 2160 i guess.

-> that means pro Tools is not refering to the actual PT window size but to the "Windows" desktop size, which sounds amazing to me.

Is anobody able to troubleshoot that behaviour and find a better workaround than "moving" the second screen?
or would avid be able to release a patch? (do i have right to dream?)

I thank you in advance.


boozooq 08-25-2015 03:54 PM

Re: (SOLVED) BUG:Can't access all busses (not visible on screen)
I forgot to mention the second screen was plugged on a GTX570 output, so, another graphic cards.
Before i had the tv set, i had a 22 inch screen plugged on the same GTX570 card, on another port, without any issue.

-> so it seemed to be related to the fact i use two different graphic cards
-> but the initial poster used only one matrox card and had the same problem


drwm 12-12-2015 07:36 AM

Re: (SOLVED) BUG:Can't access all busses (not visible on screen)
Hi guys, did anyone find a solution for this?
I'm having the exact same problem as boozoq and for a small thing its extremely annoying
Thanks in advance

boozooq 12-12-2015 04:21 PM

Re: (SOLVED) BUG:Can't access all busses (not visible on screen)
Hi Ifan,

At the moment, i solved the issue, i don't exactly know how, but it seems playing with the screen arrangement was the way to solve, or maybe choosing the right first display in the bios.
Try setting one of your cards as the first one to boot in the bios, if it doesn't help, try the other one.
Try deactivating on screen in Windows, then reactivate, and vice-et-versa.
I believe you will find the good setup.
Good luck!

Njal Frode Lie 01-16-2018 03:54 PM

Re: (SOLVED) BUG:Can't access all busses (not visible on screen)
I have the same issue, when I go to the busses I have three columns and the left has no# 24 in the bottom, and the next starts with 52....

I have a nVidia card, and three screens, I have also tried with just one screen - disconnecting the other two, and with different resolutions, and other tricks, but to no avail, I can't access all busses...

Windows 7, Pro Tools 12...

I wonder, if you run PT 12 and Win7 (or Win10), and this works for you, can you tell me the name of your display card, and the GPU-processor?

I think perhaps the solution for me would be to buy another display card.

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