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khoop2112 08-13-2020 12:34 PM

Question about Digi 192 card slots
I'm trying to use a Digidesign 192 to give me 16 channels of D/A and 16 channels of optical output. I've tried a few different card configurations but no success.

Has anyone else had success with this configuration or is this not possible?

Thanks for any wisdom!

- Kent

JFreak 08-13-2020 01:07 PM

Re: Question about Digi 192 card slots
Not possible. The boxes are 16 in 16 out, and even then you cannot have all of them analog. Sorry but you need two boxes for what you need, but with that said you can daisy-chain them to one card.

JFreak 08-13-2020 01:10 PM

Re: Question about Digi 192 card slots
The limitation really comes from DigiLink cable, which is 16+16, carrying first 16 i/o to the primary interface and second 16 i/o to the expansion. Single box cannot use 32 i/o, nor can it mix and match to have 0 in 32 out or 32 in 0 out, always 16 in 16 out and you can choose which ones to feed to the DigiLink cable.

khoop2112 08-13-2020 04:13 PM

Re: Question about Digi 192 card slots
JFreak thank you so much for that info. I figured, but wanted confirmation.

Appreciate it!

JFreak 08-13-2020 04:14 PM

Re: Question about Digi 192 card slots
No problem

albee1952 08-14-2020 02:48 PM

Re: Question about Digi 192 card slots
A little more info to those looking at the 192's
#1-As said, each box is 16x16 max at one time.
#2-A 192 DIGITAL(says DIGITAL on the faceplate) CANNOT take analog cards at all.
#3-the "standard"192(which usually has 1 digital card in slot 3) MUST have that digital card in place to work(a warning as I see eBay listings for a 192 chassis with no cards).
#4-getting the IO configured is not intuitive(to me, anyway), so plan on fussing with it for an afternoon to get things configured for your needs. Once you do get it all working, save screen captures of each tab(Setup>Hardware menu) so you can restore in the future(Trashing Prefs will usually reset all this to default).
#5-the 192 can be mixed with HD IO or OMNI(so good/cheap IO expansion) and they still sound plenty good(IOW, if you can't make a hit with the 192, its not the 192;)) My Nashville studio ran a pair of 192's and a pair of HD IO's with zero issues(the 2 may not be 100%sample-accurate, but its not likely to be a problem under normal use. It never was for me).
#6-The 192, 96, HD IO and OMNI all require digilink connections, so they cannot be used in any sort of "stand alone" situation(see that question on the DUC, so, there you have it):D

If I'm off on any of this, feel free to correct me:-)

JFreak 08-14-2020 02:50 PM

Re: Question about Digi 192 card slots
Forgot to mention that a system can only have one OMNI, and that the new generation interfaces use mini digilink connector which is compatible with the old one but adapters are needed. Otherwise spot on :cool:

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