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JimDC 05-05-2012 08:52 AM

Please help! Signal from Instrument Track appears in Aux/Audio Tracks unintentionally
Hi, apologize in advance for two things -- I couldn't figure out how to properly phrase a search for this particular issue, without generating tons of results that don't apply, so apologies if this has already been addressed. Secondly, this is for PT 8 on Mac, but I cannot find the proper thread, so pardon me for posting here.

My problem in short is that signal from an Instrument Track with NI Battery installed (being controlled by a MIDI track) appears in all of my other tracks -- aux tracks and audio tracks -- in the mix window, despite the fact that the signal from the instrument track is not being intentionally routed to any of the other tracks. In other words, while in the mix window, and with the Battery interface up, when I hit any drum/note, I'll see the green bar rise in all the other tracks, even though I have not intentionally routed sound there.

Because of this, the drum sounds are clipping, and I hear a glitching/static on each hit (when hit during the interface; this is not during playback).

The instrument track is going out to Out 1-2. I have not sent any bus from this track out, and on all of the other tracks, there is no bus coming in (at least from the instrument track). The session has a stereo Master Fader.

When I solo the instrument track and associated MIDI track, the sound is fine and there isn't any audible clipping. It's the signal from this track playing through all the other tracks, that is causing the clipping.

Any ideas? Thank you so much!

YYR123 05-05-2012 02:16 PM

I don't own anything native so I couldn't tell you but it sounds like you need to route internally the outputs of your native instruments to the specific input of your instrument track

example A1 to the drums B1 the piano C-1 to the base and so on and so forth

then you would change the input's on each of the MIDI tracks to correspond with the native instruments output

I think that should solve your problem and it seems like that's what you were asking about

JimDC 05-07-2012 09:02 AM

Re: Please help! Signal from Instrument Track appears in Aux/Audio Tracks unintention
Thanks. I actually ended up solving the problem by simply deleting the Instrument Track (and MIDI Track) and created new ones. Really strange. But thank you for your reply. I'll keep it in mind, if it happens again.

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