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Dimension Zero
06-12-2002, 02:29 PM
I just purchased the New Waves Masters Bundle. I have never had any of my songs mastered and I wanted to give it a shot myself even though I know they say you are not supposed to master your own stuff. But, I thought it would be a good learning experience. My latest song, Static Space, is in its final mixing stages. How far exactly do I take the mix before using the mastering tools on it? The new bundle comes with the Linear Phase EQ which I heard is excellent from these boards though I haven't tried it yet. For example, I put a low pass filter on my drum overheads at 10khz and put some low pass filters around 80hz on some of my bass sounds using the d2. Would this be better to do with the Linear Phase EQ? Also, my primary publishing medium is mp3 format for right now. What exactly am I trying to accomplish with a linear phase EQ and linear phase multiband? Is it easier than modifying each instrument or does it actually make things tighter? I understand what the L2 is for though. What order do you recommend? I would guess: Linear Phase Multiband+Linear Phase EQ+L2.

My mix is pretty diverse so I think these tools will help. Any mixing suggestions before I start using these mastering tools?

Here is a link to my song in 192kbs mp3 format. It's 7,660kb in length:

Static Space in 192kbs mp3 format (http://www.liquidrecords.net/dimensionzero/space192pm5.mp3 )

Here is a link to my song in 64kbs in WMA format.
It's 1,586kb in length.

Static Space in 64kbs WMA format (http://www.liquidrecords.net/dimensionzero/space64pm5.wma )

Thanks for your help!

Dimension Zero