View Full Version : Eventide sync problems

05-22-2002, 05:08 PM
I use two Eventide units(4000DSP & Orville) connected to 888 IO via AES/EBU.The units seem
that they are locked,but there are clicks and spikes on the output.Anybody who can help??

Thanks in advance

Wolfgang Eller
05-23-2002, 01:51 AM
Sorry a silly question but have you set the eventides to external sync receiving from the AES input?
If yes try to do a word sync connection between the eventide and the 888.
Have both the problem? If yes just try one.
Hope it helps.

Regards Wolfgang

05-23-2002, 03:25 AM
My DSP4000 can be intermittantly ill behaved with my PT too.

Follow the above advice and try a restart of your computer as well..


Great Divide Studios
05-23-2002, 03:53 PM
I've had the same problem with the Orville in my system. Rebooting the Orville and toggling the sync from internal to external would usually solve this.

Last week I updated the Orville to the latest version and so far I've had no sync problems, so maybe it's a software issue.


05-23-2002, 04:20 PM
Thank you all
I have two questions.How long can be the wrd clock cable?(the distance between tha units and the 888 is about 7 meters).
How i can get the update software for orville?

Thanks in advance

05-23-2002, 04:50 PM
problem is that the 888 doesn't accept or send word clock. just superclock.