View Full Version : TDM - Native instruments : help needed !!!

Mark Haliday
04-24-2002, 02:34 AM
How do you people manage to interface a TDM system with non "direct connect" virtual instruments or samplers ?
For example, if I want to use Reason with PT how do I route audio to the PT rig ? images/icons/shocked.gif
Has anybody out there tried using a basic soundcard simultaneously with TDM ?
What beats me is that in 1999 I used Rebirth with what was called at the time "rewire", and I could easily mix them in the Cubase VST mixer.
And now on the Native Instrument site, it seems Battery for Direct Connect only gives a stereo output !!!! (unless I missed something)
Of course I know that Digi has long protected its marketshare for the Samplecell, but now is time to do something about this and give us AT LEAST the same options as ASIO.

04-24-2002, 02:54 PM
I use an emagic audiowerk card set to soundmanager for that at home with a Digi 001. You could do the same, sending spdif to an 888 or whatever. It works fine....

PS. Battery uses direct connect in the stand alone version...or you cna get the ProTools edition.

04-24-2002, 02:57 PM
I am using the sound card in my G4 to output Reason and just bring it in to PT as analog inputs, synced with midi beat clock.

NI via direct connect works fine, but their Pro Tools Studio collection is RTAS/HTDM and is more tightly integrated.

04-25-2002, 01:05 PM
I was using an Emagic EMI 2|6 to get audio out of stand alone synths (Reason, Dynamo, etc.) which is a USB 2 in/6 out plus SP-DIF i/o box with ASIO drivers. It worked well, and the latency was tolerable. I now have a new iBook that carries the synth/sampler load, and moved the Emagic box over to it. The box only cost $250, and gives me 6 discreet analog outputs, or a stereo digital output.

Mark Haliday
04-26-2002, 12:26 AM
thanks for all the feedback so far, but please keep contributing, even crazy solutions...

I have found a real high class one but with a *heavy* price tag : since I use an Apogee AD8000 with the AMbus digi interface in one slot, I can add the new Apogee Firewire AMbus card on another slot, and have that hooked to the firewire port of the mac. All the routing would be through the AD8000 but it remains to be seen if the Mac can take it...

04-26-2002, 09:36 AM
I have a similar USB audio interface, only it's 2x2. It's a Roland UA-30 (24 bit analog+SPDIF). $150 on Ebay. Several of my friends are using the MOTU 828 firewire for their soft synths along with ProTools, but I need the firewire bandwidth for my drives.

Mark Haliday
04-28-2002, 02:11 AM
Several of my friends are using the MOTU 828 firewire for their soft synths along with ProTools<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Thanks for the info : this seems a good idea, notably so as to be able to connect digitally and have the 828 synced to the same wordclock as the TDM rig.

Apart from that, I don't know what you all think but it seems DIGI are stalling on this one :
I mean, why on earth should someone with $$$$$$ worth of TDM gear hould have to buy extra hardware to play software synth images/icons/confused.gif
Isn't this crazy ?