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10-14-1999, 10:06 PM
I have recently acquired a PT's 24 mix plus system and love it. Finally making my way into the whole system. I want to get into using some loops. I have checked out Acid's loops and dig them but unfortunately they are only used on PC's. Can anyone guide me to the proper software that i can use on a Mac? Mainly doing rock stuff and have been creating my own loops with Yamaha EX7. I want it to be easier. SOmeone give me some information on what to use and what i can expect to pay. Thanks, Dennis...email DJUNKEEZ@aol.com

10-16-1999, 05:15 PM
Check out EastWest and Big Fish Audio for loops. Everything you could ever want, in any
format: audio,akai,roland,sample cell,etc...

Depending on the disc, prices range from $50
on up. If you have a sampler, about $150 and up.

The Acid loops are fine, but there is whole
world out there of samples, and creating your
own with the EX7 is killer!

Look into Bitheadz Unity software sampler.
Combine that with the endless amount of samples out there, the creativity should be endless.......

Here are some sites to check out.......

www.soundsonline.com (EastWest)

Hope this helps?