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10-13-1999, 08:22 PM
I have been hearing two different opinions on
the usage of a PowerBook running PT with a
Magma expansion. I received a tongue lashing
from a sales rep from SweetWater sound that
this isn't recommended.....I realize that
Digi hasnt "approved" this set-up, but I'd
like to hear from those of you in the field
if this is worth doing? All I'd like to do,
is have a mobile PT24 set-up? And any advice
on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your input......



10-16-2000, 08:46 PM
I tested the 2 slot expansion bay with my Powerbook G3 500 (Firewire), and I did not have good results. I was planning to just use a 001 system and a SCSI card, then maybe upgrading to a 24|Mix system later (without a farm card). I had bad results with the bay alone, no cards installed, and after installing the 001 card things got worse. It took several attempts to boot the computer with the bay attached, and then several more restarts before the Digi card was recognized. I finally got it to work, then the next morning I was having trouble booting again. It would be great to have a portable system, but I guess I'll keep giving the rental companies business untill there is a more reliable portable solution. The only other option right now is MOTU Digital Performer, they do support the Magma bays, but I'm not ready to give up on Digidesign yet.

10-16-2000, 11:17 PM
I have a G3500 Powerbook with a 4 slot Magma Chassis. Before I got my big PT rig, I used the powerbook with MOTU 2408, SampleCell, Adaptec SCSI Card and Logic Audio. Ran pretty well. No big problems. Oh well. I guess I got lucky.

brian johnson
10-17-2000, 09:49 AM
i use the pismo 500/256/12gig with the magma 2 slot and the digi001 and get pretty damn good results. the PT24 systems i ran on tis configuration were less than stable but the digi001 seems to work fine up to 18 tracks recording at once and/or all 24 playback.(unless i use a ton of automation and more than 2 plugs per track)

10-17-2000, 04:24 PM
I WANTED TO DO THIS now with PT LE Free coming out. I will settle for a powerbook with an internal CD burner and a 14" screen. I can do basic editing in it, vocal comps, even I hope auto tuning, vocaline audio suite work........
As for drum chopping... what with beat detective TDM n all, I GIVE UP BEING ABLE TO GET MY ASSISTANT to be doing this in another room with a laptop - Mix or D24 or 001 combo, screw it, I will just do it quickly on the main rig...
I will start a new thread re Free PT and Powerbook operation i/o etc...
My 2 cents...
good luck with it all you guys anyhow!!!

10-27-2000, 12:38 AM
OK, I'm sorry, I take everything back. It works fine now. I called Magma, and they sent a new chassis to me. Everything works fine now. Actually the 001 system seems faster on my powerbook 500 (PIsmo) than it was on my G4 400 (PCI Graphics). Now I just need to wait for support of a Mix + system with this configuration, I've been told by Magma that it won't work because of a Mac OS problem. It has something to do with the OS not being able to recognize more than one PCI bridge, and the mix core card contains a PCI bridge. Maybe this will be fixed with OS X, but then we'll all have to wait for Digi to support it. The only other option would be for Digi to release a product somewhere in between Mix and 001 systems, with the ability to lock to external clock/timecode, thats the only thing holding me back.