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10-13-1999, 07:40 AM
Anyone using the DSPider plug-in from DUY with ProTools? How much DSP-power does it need? And is it OK? Im producing radiojingles and need more special effects. I consider buying the DSPider plug-in or TC Electronics FireWorks.

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El Guapo
10-13-1999, 11:02 AM
I like ReDSypder. Has many pre-sets and much you can tweak so it may take some effort to use. It uses a full chip on the cards for each use. I also have the TCChorus. It's more pretty. For SEffects you might want to try Pitchblender. It has some really wild effects and is very clean.

Scott Leever
10-13-1999, 03:45 PM
I have an expantion chassis and run three Frams I rarely run out of TDM space. Before I got the expantion chassis however, I would run out of space very fast using DSPider.
Of course, I was also using other pluginns at the time. Amp farm was one of them witch uses allot also. I would say DSPider uses about the same amount as Amp Farm.

10-14-1999, 02:31 AM
Downloaded the UltraTools-plugin-demos from the WaveMechanics site (a.o. Pitchblender), and they seem very nice for specialeffects. (Thank you, El Guapo!) Do anyone know any other plugin-demos for PT available on the net?

El Guapo
10-14-1999, 09:13 PM
Viper, there are a plethora of free download samples. Cruise the Net or this site for EM addresses, etc.