View Full Version : late night session in progress, please help

10-12-1999, 08:28 PM
i need to combine 5 reels of edited music for a film that are at 48k with 5 reels of efx, bg, dialog, and adr for the same film, that are
at 44.1. i do not own session browser. is there any way??? i hope, i hope, i hope.

i tried converting all the music audio to 44.1 using gearbox, then opening a copy of the session and pointing to the 44.1k audio (i
temporarily changed the names on the 48k files using filebuddy) then i set the session to 44.1 in the set-up window. everything was
messed up. the wrong part of an audio file was in the region, and all was out of sync. why? please help, brothers and sisters