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10-12-1999, 01:09 PM
I own a Protools studio.Iíve been using Macs since around 1984 and have upgraded through many Apple and Digidesigns products sinceÖ.so I have experience, but am not as technical as many of the folks who post here. I originally bought the Mac to sequence my Emulator E-II.
I currently am using a Power Tower Pro 200 six slot Mac clone with a CD-ROM drive and four internal SCSI harddrives on the internal bus and, on the external bus a SCSI Jazz drive and a CD burner.
I am pleased with my current studio setup. I built a "computer closet" under a stairway to remove the noise of fans and harddrives.
The problem is I want to add graphics stuff (a scanner and a color printer) to print my clients CD labels and jewel inserts.
I also want to use the new sheet music scanning software. I also just upgraded my EIVís software and this requires it to be attached to the Mac SCSI bus. The scanner has to be attached to the SCSI bus.
SoÖ I donít know what to do?
I canít fiqure out how I could possibly get a SCSI connector through the computer closet wall with enough length. How can I keep noisy stuff in one room and still have "hands on" the equipment I need to get to like the scanner, etc?
If I buy a G4 and keep it on my desk and only turn it on while Iím doing graphics I still canít fiure out how to get the most out of both. Do I have to buy two of everthingÖ.how do I connect a scanner, which uses SCSI to a G? What about firewire? Is there one dealer that can sell me everything and therefore be responsible for the system?

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