View Full Version : A question about sends/busses

10-11-1999, 02:15 PM
There is input selector (just above output) which let you select source for any track - that can be interface input or bus. If you send something to bus and set that bus as input on disk track you will be able to record the result - but maybe you need sth completely different?

10-12-1999, 12:56 AM
I'm a video editor who just started doing some post work with ProTools24 about two weeks ago. Excuse me if this is kind of a dumb question, but I'm completely stumped.

How do I route the output of a bus to a track? Or is this even possible? It seems like all I can do is send them to an auxillary track or bounce them. Those options are okay, but in the future I have some ideas where I want to SIMULTANEOUSLY record the outputs of different busses on different tracks.

But it seems like the only actual inputs to tracks are from the 888 interfaces. I know I'm probably missing something obvious, but there was nothing in the manual about how to make a track record the output of a bus. The assumption seemed to be that the busses were set up for effects loops, so for the moment I have to be satisfied with bouncing and then grabbing the reigon.

10-12-1999, 05:00 PM
Of course. It was right there. I can't believe how many times I clicked on that and didn't notice it. Pretty dumb of me. Died my hair blonde last month. Maybe that's the reason.