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10-11-1999, 09:57 AM
There are a couple of third party applications that read ProTools sessions to print out dub logs for film mixes. One is better than the other, but I never focused on the brand names to locate the companies. Anyone out there have recommendations or war stories?

Mark Green

10-11-1999, 09:22 PM
Thanks for the tip. It was the "Tape" cue sheets I saw on the dub stage recently. I can see how this product works well for fx & adr. Is it as efficient for music?

10-11-1999, 10:44 PM

Yes, it works just fine for music. I use it that way as well as for SFX. I only use the dubbing log portion of the program though.


10-12-1999, 12:18 AM
Of all the log (cue sheet) programs I've used "Tape" from Wildsync systems (www.wildsync.com) has by far been the best. Check out their web site and tell them Craig sent you there. This program does a lot more than just cue sheets. Take a look you'll see. No I'm not in sales for them, just a very happy user. Good luck!

10-16-1999, 05:05 PM
I've used both TAPE and Track-It, and there's good and bad with both of them...

Track-it is quirky, filled with glitches, unforgiving and frustrating to use, but it uses a graphical interface that displays a facimilie of the sheet on the screen, and gives you the ability to edit it prior to printing. The biggest downside, is that whenever you make changes in your session and want to print out new sheets, you must do ALL of the editing (of the sheets) over again.

TAPES, on the other hand, has you enter character codes in labelling regions to direct it as to how to print your cue sheets. Last time I used it, it had a non-graphical display (like an EDL) which, once learned, TELLS you how it's gonna look.

The good part of tapes is that you make any corrections you have in your session, and then they stay corrected in your session, and they will print out nicely every time. Bigger learning curve, but once mastered, it works well.

Tapes also comes with a bunch of editing stuff that I've never found a use for.

Pietari Koskinen
10-17-1999, 02:03 AM
I've tried both Track-It and Tracks and use Tracks now. Track-it may look cooler but Tracks do all the basic tricks (except stereo tracks) and is way more affordable. There is a demo version available in http://www.rawsound.com/tracks/.

10-18-1999, 05:14 PM
There are a few different versions of TAPE, the cheapest just being for printing cue sheets and a few other tasks. I use this version and find it to be very useful. All it requires is to label your regions in Protools correctly then open the session in tape and print it out. I have used it for Dialogue, SFX, ADR, Music and foley editorial. By handing over very professional and easy to read cue sheets to the Dub stage the Mixers will love you for it.