View Full Version : miro dc30

10-07-1999, 06:52 PM
My picture quality is terrible, even after doing to set it up correctly. Anyone have any ideas. mac 9600,200, 128 ram. Using the internal drive to record. Thanks, Craig

10-08-1999, 01:11 PM
What about it is terrible? Is it the image quality, or the movement, or something else.

Most people I know digitize to a dedicated video drive, since these things are VERY unhappy with fragmented video files, and to make things run faster.

What compression rate are you running at?

10-12-1999, 12:23 AM
The picture quality is bad, jumpy, etc. I record at 500k because anything else makes my TC window burn fuzzy. But then I lose out on clarity. I tried it at 800 but the tc wijndow began to ghost. I've also tried it to both my barracuda 9 gig as well as a very old drive 5400 rpm with the same results. My friend uses a dc20 on the same mac and his pix looks great. Any suggestions?