View Full Version : Waves 2.8 here we go again

Fokke van Saane
10-07-1999, 10:54 AM
I've installed v2.8 and was hoping to find that all 2.7 problems were gone. Hoping.

The 2.6 saved presets loaded fine. But my system crashed so often that i re-installed 2.6.

Mac 9600 200MHz PT24MIX + vintage farm PTv3.4, DAE 3.4.2f9 (50MB).

Yes,I did remove DAE and Waves pref's.

It mostly crashed when changing views on PAZ, but also on +L1 and other plugs like R-compr.

Anyone with good 2.8 reslults?

I hope i'm wrong somewhere or things are getting very dissappointing.

Fokke van Saane.