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10-05-1999, 06:43 PM
Does anyone know how exactly "Direct Connect" will work? Will it be implemented as a TDM plugin similar to MOTU's "Audio Tap" that takes all audio signals directed to the Sound Manager into the plugin which can then be inserted in any channel(s) of the mixer? Perhaps it will be embedded in PT 5.0, which will simply give the Sound Manager Output as an input Option in PT? Or maybe it will more closely resemble "Rewire" and bypass the Sound Manager completely? Any ideas? Digi? Will it be able to be used in a third party squencer running under DAE? Any hope in simply developing "Rewire" for DAE? Can/will it be posted for download before PT 5.0 ships if it does not specifically require 5.0? Ideally, my vote would be "Rewire" for DAE if direct connect will not work under a third party squencer.

Digi Engineering
10-05-1999, 07:24 PM
Direct Connect is implemented as a plug-in that connects directly into TDM bypassing Sound Manager completely.
-Mike Rockwell

10-05-1999, 09:20 PM
A plugin which is used in an insert in the mixing board as with normal plugins? Does this mean that it will work successfully in a third party squencer such as Digital Performer when running under DAE? Does this also mean then that the software synth needs to be rewritten specifically for Direct Connect?

Digi Engineering
10-06-1999, 09:24 AM
Yes it acts as an insert so it should work with other DAE apps. Yes synths need to be specifically written to take advantage of it. As far as I know all of the major host synth vendors have beta versions of their applications already running on Direct Connect. Most of them showed this as AES.
-Mike Rockwell

10-06-1999, 11:01 AM
Does direct connect support multiple channels or only a stereo pair? Is is possible to DL a copy of the plugin now before PT 5.0 to test in a third party squencer?

10-09-1999, 11:17 AM
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Does DC support multiple channels?

Joris Vincken
10-10-1999, 12:17 AM
Yes, I've seen a demo of DC and it does support multiple channels. If a synth has 8 outputs you can choose in DC between 4x2 channels. So if you make 4 stereo aux inputs in PT you can use 8 seperate outputs.