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Rams Boy
10-01-1999, 12:25 AM
I am interested in getting into 5.1/7.1 projects. I am unfamiliar with the technology and the artform itself.

Does anyone have any info on what I need to add to the PT system to do this? Plug-ins? External hardware? Whatever....

Also, Can anyone suggest any books or articles on the subject?

Thanks for your help!!!

Rams Boy

Didier de Roos
10-01-1999, 02:38 AM
Have a look at www.kindofloud.com. They have some very interesting plug-ins for surround. Note that you don't need anything additional to work in 5.1 in PT, apart from some basic plug-ins (Waves for instance), several monitoring sources and some careful planning: I've just finished a theater project that way and the result is very satisfactory.


Mark Reis
10-01-1999, 04:10 AM
In addition to the KindofLoud SmartPan Pro plug in, you will need something to deliver the 5.1/7.1 mix on. I believe that DA-88 is the preferred format for DVD since it has timecode. If your goal is to make a Dolby Digital mix, you will need an encoder as well. Sonic Foundry makes a software encoder for the PC; I don't know what is available for the MAC.


10-05-1999, 02:21 AM
On the Mac side there is A-Pack from Astarte, which is a Dolby AC3 software encoder. I was told that they going to sell it as a single package in the future. It is normaly part of the DVD authoring solution.

Regards !