View Full Version : ANALOG monitoring on pc???

Doctor Rudolf
05-04-2001, 10:03 AM
Hi, I REALLY tried the 'search engine' to find out if there was another topic bout this, so excuse me if thats the case.

All right. Used to other automated mixers, I was a bit surprised about the monitoring section of PC. I work in postproduction Video, and I wish to put an RTW-meter for overall level indication (for broadcast-standards). And of course , i would like that meter to 'switch along' with the source i'm listening to. There is no way to do that, oh yeah, one: plug in my meter to the output of the phones - section. But for me that sound a bit amateuristic.
Another one : WHY, why, why is the monitor section Analogue, where overall the whole system is digital-based?? I would like to monitor a digital device, such as a digital VCR (Digibeta) with AES/EBU audio. Can anybody tell me, when PC will be equipped with such a monitoring board?



05-07-2001, 11:49 PM
Doctor Rudolf,

The monitoring section of procontrol and C24 being analog is a plus! I would guess that most people who own a ProTools TDM system are pretty fussy about their converters. I, for example, have invested a lot of money in an Apogee AD-8000 and have grown very fond of the sound of its converters. When I send my signal through a mixing board before reaching my monitors, I want the signal to be converted by the AD-8000 and then to remain analog. Even if Digidesign included high quality D/A converters in procontrol, which could conceivably raise the price by as much as a few thousand dollars or more, they wouldn't be what many users have grown accustomed to using.