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John McDaniel
02-14-2001, 07:50 PM
I use <CTL> + Selector Tool and my track ball to scrub A LOT in preference to the ProControl scrub wheel. Today I was trying to use the wheel to look at sync with clients on a number of FX: foot steps, tight hits, etc. Maybe it's my imagination, but when using the scrup wheel, the sync seemed a bit off, while using the <CTL> + Selector Tool seemed more "in sync." I'm using serial time code via machine control with a V-1 (with the latest firmware). Anybody else have an experience like this? During the session today, I remember a post here in the forum about a scrub/sync issue, so I looked it up. Here it is.

Dave LeBolt wrote about scrubbing in 5.0:

The scrub action has changed, but it should be for the better; you just have to adjust your workstyle to get best results. By holding down the Command modifier when scrubbing, you should be getting "fixed fine scrub" which should take care of your problem. If it doesn't (and you've read what I have to say below), please let us know.
Here's the deal: up 'til now, ProControl (and Pro Tools) did not have true "positional scrubbing." This meant that when you moved the wheel on ProControl (or scrubbed with the mouse in PT), you would not be guaranteed to end up at the same place you started at in the audio with a given physical movement. This drove post production editors crazy (and plenty of music folks as well).
For example, let's say you came up in the biz on tape machines (like I did). You rock the reels back and forth, and if you've moved a quarter turn forward, and then a quarter turn back, you're in exactly the same place. But Pro Tools never responded this way, which made it very difficult to scrub to picture to look for lip movements, etc. So now we've updated the algorithm to perform true positional scrubbing. When you turn the ProControl wheel one quarter turn forward, and then one quarter turn backward, you'll be in the same place in your audio, which is great.
Scrubbing with ProControl (and Pro Tools with a mouse) has two important distinct behaviors. If you are not "fine scrubbing" with the Command modifier key held down (Mac), then you're getting variable resolution scrubbing, the "fineness" of which is dependent on the current screen (zoom) resolution you're using. If you're zoomed way out, you'll get crude scrub resolution, and if you're zoomed pretty far in, it will be smooth. As you zoom way in, it'll be extremely fine. This can be very handy, but most times I use fixed fine resolution mode (which you get by holding down the Command key). When you do this, Pro Tools doesn't "care" about screen resolution. It scrubs at a fixed, fine resolution that works great for detailed scrubbing. The advantage of working this way is that you can be zoomed out pretty far, and get great scrub response.
Hope I'm not being redundant explaining all of this. The reason it's important is that the variable resolution scrubbing that you get when you don't hold down a modifier has probably changed at various zoom resolutions because of the new positional scrubbing behavior. This doesn't mean that scrubbing should be bumpy, it just means that a certain resolutions it might be, and not at others (same as the old days, but at slightly different resolutions). But fixed fine scrub mode should be fine. We worked closely with our testers (both internal and external) to get this right. If you hold down the Command key, you should get great response. If that's not true, and it's chunky, perhaps there's another problem that I don't know about… please let us know how this goes.

--sorry for the long quote, but thought it better unedited. I was zoomed in reasonably close (maybe 8+ footsteps worth across the monitor). After looking this I've got to experiement some.

later, and regards, j mcd

02-15-2001, 04:29 PM
I have a question. I'm scanning the manual, but haven't found it yet.

Is there a key or button, that when held, lets you move the edit windows contents. This behaviour would be of the same nature as the Hand in Photoshop and the Acrobat Reader.

Does this exist ? I hate scrollbars.
Nice move on the Universe window though. I think a graphic pad is in order. Anyone worked with one(Wacom...) and Protools ?