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11-01-2000, 09:29 AM
We have a 25 pin D-sub - XLR cable from Hosa with standard wiring. After reading the documents about Procontrol output wiring we got confused. According to "Late breaking tech issues" the manual for Procontrol is incorrect or is it the physical outputs from the Procontrol unit that is wired incorrectly?

Do we have we to change polarity for the cables or not? And if so why not on the AUX cables (says so in the "Late breaking tech issues").

If Digi or anyone else could clarify this we would be very happy!

Thanks in advance

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Holger Netterby

Chris Lambrechts
11-01-2000, 04:18 PM
depends on your serial number, following document is quite clear about it :

for pre june 2000 versions


for post june 2000 versions :

so if you have SN lower than NX1801, you have to do some rewiring.

Chris Lambrechts