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black magic
07-26-2000, 11:28 AM
When I try to launch the Pro Control Interactive movie from the CD-ROM I get a dialog box saying that Quicktime 3.0 needs to be installed, although I have Quicktime 4.0.1 installed already. I went ahead and told it to install Quicktime 3.0 after I could not get it passed that prompt without doing so. After the installation and a restart the same prompt comes up again when I try to choose the Movie. Even if I change my extension set to MAC Base or All. I just installed PT MIX 5.0.1. on my G4 450 OS 9.0.4. What is the deal with this?

11-13-2000, 12:22 AM
Same thing with me.


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11-13-2000, 08:56 AM
The Procontrol interactive QT movie will
not work because OS 9.0.4 will not work with QT 3.0. There should be a new version of the movie available soon compatible with G4/ and OS 9x.