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05-13-2000, 04:33 PM
Dear digi(GK specifically)
I have a 32 ch system , and I have had fader no 17 fron the left (1 on expack#2)stop responding sometimes .I have followed the previous conferences on the subject and always the fader could be brought back to life by recal,reboot or the previous two combined with some animated curses...
But yesterday the fader stopped responding in the middle of a session and nothing could awaken it from it's stupor.When I restart the faderpack alone it just jumps up and down once very fast and hard while the others are merrily calibrating and then stays down and unresponsive,very much like someone who leapt from a plane without a parachute.Is this the same problem as before or might it be mechanical .As this happened on friday evening I could not get in touch with our digi agents in South Africa yet.Please help as I am plagued by terrible visions of myself dismanteling the packs from each other and leaving a gaping hole in my controll room whilst the fader pack makes its way to America after South African customs destroyed it completely...I dont want this to happen!!


George Cumbee
05-15-2000, 12:22 AM
I don't know how technically inclined you are but...

I had a fader do the same thing. I took the fader pack apart and removed the fader and did a little mechanical tweaking on it (I think maybe something hit it). Then I put some silicone lublicant on the 2 shafts and it has been fine since.

You can remove the allen screws from the top of the pack and lift it up. Then two allens on the fader will remove it. Take knob off and it will drop out. Just one plug for the electrical part.

Obviously, if you are in a warranty situation, you might just want to leave it alone. I am not endorsing you working on it if you feel uncomfortable or worried about the warranty. I was stuck in a situation and had to do it quick. I do service work, so I sort of knew what I was doing...It was my first time inside a Pro-Control piece though. I been inside of just about everything else I own at one time or another. You may can just get someone to send you a new fader unit and you can just replace it since you are far away from Digi. It would be about a 15 min job.

Hope that can help you some.....

George Cumbee
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