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02-08-2000, 06:59 AM
ok.. we give in..

We're buying a 32 fader Procontrol configuration. We are considering the
Mission COntrol and/or the SMM MachineModul/MonitorModul ( German company) www.studiomoebel.de (http://www.studiomoebel.de)

we are also purchaing the AXIS h/w and Kind-of-loud S/w for 5.1

Any comments, concerns, Ideas, are we being reasonable or stupid ?

Georgia Hilton
General Uncertainties
Samurai Music

02-08-2000, 11:00 AM
Mission control is cool. You will be happy, make sure you can get your feet / legs right under where the Mission Control is, as the Keyboard is quite 'high up' The track ball on it has a great action. I wouldnt advise for the above reasons any studio furnature that puts the front edge any further from your stomach / chest. You need the desk close for typing....


George Cumbee
02-08-2000, 11:47 AM
We went with the Middle Atlantic Multi-Desk Pro desk. It works great. I think they have discontinued it now. They have a newer model. It has a slide out drawer for the qwerty keyboard and a slide out panel for the mouse. I considered the ARGOSY, but the position of qwerty was the issue. We all know how much you still have to use the keyboard and mouse with the PC, unlike we thought.

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