View Full Version : Nifty scrub selector doesn't work on Pro Control scrub wheel ???:eek:

01-12-2000, 06:25 PM
Works with a mouse but not the wheel?



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John McDaniel
01-13-2000, 07:05 PM
From this 11/30/99 ProControl forum message:

As was mentioned in this thread by Matthew Saccucci Morano, ProControl is completely compatible with the Pro Tools 5.0 release and the system works great. In fact, ProControl is now also supported on Windows NT Pro Tools TDM systems in this release. There are, however, some 5.0 features that have not yet been directly implemented in the 5.0 ProControl Personality file. These include:
1. the ability to TRIM With Scrub using the SCRUB wheel
2. the ability to toggle through the new EDIT TOOL subtypes (TRIM, GRAB and PENCIL)
3. Key Command focus (where you replace QWERTY functionality with single-key ďmacroĒ commands for editing)
4. direct access to the 5 Zoom Presets
5. the ability to toggle on and off "link/unlink timeline"

later, j mcd

01-14-2000, 03:51 AM
Digi promiced on this thread not to leave Pro Control behind in "PT v 4 time".
5's been out for a while now... any develpopments Digi???



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Digi Engineering
01-14-2000, 07:37 PM
From the same thread:

"#5 (Toggle Link Edit and Timeline Selection) on the above list should work with the shipping version of 5.0. Use the same shortcut on the ProControl as in the app: <Shift> </> (forward slash; on the numeric keypad).
As mentioned above by DigiCS, #2 and #4 are coming with the next version, planned for the first part of next year."

Trim with scrub and key command focus are very much desired but not likely to make it into this release. This is simply, because of time constraints.

-- Marc

01-15-2000, 02:51 AM
So thats a no then?

A "not for the forseable future" right?

Not too happy about that.


Chris Lambrechts
01-15-2000, 03:18 AM
How about the scrubwheel itself doin properly what it is supposed to ........ SRUB.
The mouse scrub works fine......no audio speedup and sample accurate.......our scrubwheel on the pc is jumpy and very nervous and not the least accurate since PT 5.

01-17-2000, 03:28 AM
I dont know if the origional question has been fully addressed.

"Trim with scrub and key command focus are very much desired but not likely to make it into this release. This is simply, because of time constraints".




01-22-2000, 07:03 PM
Gannon ??


01-24-2000, 05:04 PM
Hi Jules, John, Chris, others,

Thanks for your vigilance! The answers are not simple, as I am learning myself! Iíve been on the Ďoutsideí for many years as a beta tester and user. I had ProTools serial number 15 way back in í90 and have been a dedicated user since the beginning. It always seemed to me that not everything I wanted was being implemented as quickly as I would have liked. Now, seeing how things are done at Digi, I can tell you the biggest factor in any decision is the engineering resources required to do it. From the outside, Digi gives the impression of being the Borg or some huge entity with vast resources to be applied to any feature we or a user wants to see. But that is not the case at all. We are still pretty small, operating within modest margins and there is a limited number of people creating the magic we all enjoy. Itís amazing what we as a company pull off!

Iíve read through all of the postings in the ProControl forum and am pretty much up to speed on the current issues. The Trim with Scrub issue has been talked about in several places and Dave Lebolt and Marc Abramowitz have pretty much said it like it is: Itís not a trivial feature to implement and itís not going to make it into 5.1. I hate to sound blunt, but Iím not going to lie to you either. It will come in a future release, but in order to have some other essential features make it to you, this one has to wait. Iím sorry if you somehow misunderstood Digiís stance on this issue.

Toggling through the Grabber and Trimmer tool modes is due to come out in a couple months.

As for Command Key Focus on the Channel Matrix, they are currently available via the Alpha key. To remap the keys to be qwerty would great but again, the engineering time required to pull it off is not feasible right now. It may get done in the future, but right now, itís a lower priority than many other features. Creating the list of priorities is a very difficult task. It is based on input from users on the DUC, like you, via direct email, studio visits and trade shows. While it may appear that weíre ignoring some of your needs, we are doing our best to satisfy the demands of as many users as possible. Itís not an easy task!

I digress a little here, but I want you to know that ProControl will continue to benefit from future developments in ProTools. It will not become an orphan and will hopefully continue to be _the_ way to mix in ProTools. It has certainly changed the way I use PT!

Please keep posting your suggestions. Iím listening and doing what I can to get things done!



01-25-2000, 06:55 AM
"the engineering time required to pull it off is not feasible right now. It may get done in the future, but right now, itís a lower priority than many other features."

Features for ProControl, or Pro Tools?

Pro Control must be your single most expencive item, tetering on the cutting edge of new ways to work...How, concidering all the advertizements Digi pay for (most featuring Pro Control), does it work out to be a lower, 'when we get round to it' priority?

I don't get it

01-25-2000, 10:52 AM
We are working on major changes in the platform, ie. ProTools. As features are implemented, they are usually developed in the app and control surfaces at the same time, meaning a serious amount of engineering time is dedicated to making sure we can do everything from the controller. But historically, the app has been the design focus and the controller has been designed around it. That's why there isn't absolute parity between the two. Control surfaces are a relatively new effort for us, compared to the app. But it's clear that they are critical to the platform! Please believe we are making every effort to get this right, and are not simply ignoring you!

Hang in there, man!