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01-03-2000, 09:55 AM
I am about to do a mix session,but I have never used pro control. I am well rounded with protools and a mouse. Does anyone have any tips or shortcuts that I might want to try for my first time with Pro cont? I will be time contrained and can not waste time learning while mixing. Is it pretty much strait forward as far as analog/dig mixer functions? Do I have to set anything speacial in the session to use Pro Cont?
Any help would be great.


Tom Pollock
01-04-2000, 11:53 AM
No specific advice, just have fun! I think the PCtl is great. I had no trouble translating my on-screen experiences into the basics of running the board. I just find myself moving faders more and drawing lines less, which REALLY speeds things up. I also feel I'm ending up with more natural-sounding, more musical results.

Read up a bit on using the Channel Matrix. It's a great shortcut to solos, mutes, and rec readys in large sessions -- saves a lot of bank switching.

Also read up on how to use the plug-in controls. They aren't real intuitive, but they're pretty easy to pick up. You'll be wanting to use this section for your plug-in automation.

I personally find editing rather cumbersome on the PCtl. Maybe I'm just too used to editing with the keyboard. But I don't touch the keyboard anymore during a mix.