View Full Version : Headphone Monitoring

Greg Malcangi
12-09-1999, 11:54 AM
Anyone have any suggestions to cure the following?

Monitoring through the cans I'm hearing a great deal of digital clipping. It can't be the actual pot or the cans overloading as even with the pot set at a very low level the clip is still there, at the same relative level to the rest of the mix. My main monitors are reasonably high quality (Genelec 1037Bs) and even at a very high monitoring level I can't hear a trace of clipping. Something weird is obviously happening inside my ProControl. BTW, just to rule them out, I have tried other cans, with exactly the same result.

My work around at the moment is to lower the level of the Master fader by 5dB or more and compensate with the headphone pot. However, this isn't ideal as I usually only use the cans when I want to check out some very fine detail. Whacking the master fader down kind of defeats the object of the exercise.

Any one have any ideas please?