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12-05-1999, 05:17 PM
You left out the "SE" special edition upgrade for the AD8000's. Bob Rock, lenny kravitz use them it improves the sound even more...Make sure you get the upgrade coming (dec/jan) for the D/A outputs too.
You are making such a big spend at Apogee, do you want me to hook you up with my contact at the company?
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P.S. the list looks fan f**king tastic!
P.P.S. Also get a Mission Control from Gallery, (Digi partners) Adds track ball qwerty keys, Surround joy stick, 70 user definable hot keys. Fits on the end of Pro Control.
P.P.P.S. you DO know that Neve 1073's are the absolute cream of mic pre/eq's don't you? SO expencive though....Just a pair of them will do you, forget anything else!

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Mini Me
12-05-1999, 09:02 PM
I intend on getting a Neve 1073 as well. I have a couple of Avalon 737sp and man they are SWEET!!!!! Wouldn't trade them in for anything else. How do you like the ProControl?

Mini Me
12-06-1999, 01:06 AM
After talking to a million Protools users and reading online information and quotes, I am ready to buy my equipment. If anyone has any last minute suggestions, please feel free to unwind. These are my purchases...

-(3) Apogee AD8000
-Protools Mix/Plus 5.0
-ProControl with ex: 8 channel pack
-(2) 1622 I/O
-(1) extra Farm and Core card
-(2) Seagate Cheetah 9.1 Gig Hard Drives
-Magma Chassis
-AKG C12VR (Mainly for Vocals) I have others
-Panasonic DAT 3800
-TC 3000 Verb
-E8 by KRK
-Avalon 747 Pre Amp
-Amek 9098 Pre Amp

12-06-1999, 05:50 AM
A lot.
I intend to spend between now and Feb learning how to make it and PT do wheelies, skid, flip on it's head...Then I will be ready for some action!!


12-08-1999, 10:01 AM
Hi Julian
Thanks for the heads up on the "SE" update for Apogee. I'll have to look into it.

No one here seems to know anything about the Mission Control but I think it looks interesting. What price range are they in?

Kenny Meriedeth
Melted Media Music

12-08-1999, 03:57 PM

I forget (ahem!) how much mine was, I do a lot of traveling with my PT rig. I could immagine sorting out a table for procontrol, (the lid of the flight case turns into a table) but another table for the trackball & keyboard?? I'm all in one now! Symetry freaks will get a pounding if they add this to a main unit and an extra fader pack.....Sleepless nights I can tell you......!

P.S. The macro hot keys can come in handy for all the new features in PT 5.......