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12-14-1999, 11:15 AM
I copied a 48kHz DAT into a Pro Tools session and I am trying to cut it up into tracks so I can subsequently burn a CD of the music. I am having trouble exporting a file that something like Adaptec Jam can understand. I end up getting files that load into Jam but will not play so I can listen to them before I make the CD. I also tried opening the files in SoundHack and I couldn't listen there either.

I set up regions for the intended CD tracks in Pro Tools and I tried selecting a region and doing "Bounce To Disk" (from the file menu) and also "Export as files" from the regions menu. None worked. I tried different resampling qualities (Good, Better, and Best) and that didn't change anything. I tried bouncing Sound Designer II, AIFF, and WAV files and that all didn't change the result. In addition, I exported the regoin list to the main audio files and that didn't work because Jam needs 44.1kHz and not 48kHz files.

I would appreciate any help that I can get.

Dan Hewins

12-14-1999, 05:38 PM
in the middle of the 'bounce to disk' dialog box is an option to 'convert after bounce' -- select that and then click the 'settings' button and you should be given the option of changing the sample rate. also, make sure that the bit depth is set at 16bit because Jam won't take anything else.